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May 02, 2024

Count Me In 2

by Falcon Studios

Cristiano is on his knees, pulling down Sumner Blayne's white briefs, and excited to fill his mouth with the hot jock's big dick. Sumner returns the favor by flipping Cristiano's body upside down to rim and 69 with his buddy on the couch. With Cristiano's hole wet and ready, Sumner then spends the rest of this afternoon fuck session pounding his long cock into Cristiano's hungry ass until his balls are exploding and Cristiano is eating up his fresh cum.

By Falcon Studios

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May 02, 2024

Rough Me Up

by Men

Twinks Damian Night and Dillon Roman's sensual kissing on the couch turns serious after Damian smacks the bottom's hard ass. Dillon likes it and wants more as the guys take each other's clothes off. Dillon sucks the top then rides him, and Damian bends the cute twink over to lick his hole and fuck him nice and hard in doggystyle and missionary. Damian cums as Dillon bounces on his cock, and the top flips him onto his back for a hard pounding before he cums again in the bottom's mouth!

By Men

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May 02, 2024

Leather Goods

by Fisting Inferno

Wearing only their finest 'Leather Goods', Johnny Ford and Ryan Sebastian are orally servicing a bound Ty Roderick in the shadows of an abandoned warehouse. Now freed from his restraints, Ty uses his big dick to bareback both strangers as they ride him and then take a pounding from behind. Next, after spit-roasting Johnny and flogging his bare ass, the men deliver their final strokes and pumps as they cover each other in nut.

By Fisting Inferno

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May 02, 2024

Q-Tip, Rated Q & Alex Kof

by Treasure Island Media

Alex Kof has one of those round, lightly-furred perfect fuckable asses. His hole is a certified world class dick craver. The two studly tops, Q-TIP and RATED Q start off gentle, then it's like a tsunami of sex energy hits all three men hard deep fucking, then double penetration, ass-to-mouth, more double penetration. You're gonna grin watching this one!

By Treasure Island Media

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May 02, 2024

Pure Suit: Resurgence

by Men At Play

Manuel Scalco is decisive in the boardroom and a dominant-suited top in backrooms! Excelsior, wearing a pinstripe suit, finds Manuel sitting, waiting to be serviced. And, although power-dressed, Excelsior will be subservient and give Manuel the sexual attention he desires. He begins by licking and worshiping Manuel’s formal shoes and soon gets rewarded with a blow job, deep ass fingering, rimming, and tie stuffing. Remaining fully suited, Manuel pulls his cock out through his pant fly and fucks Excelsior raw. Excelsior releases and wipes his load on Manuel’s tie, and Manuel reciprocates with cumming on his face and suit jacket.

By Men At Play

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May 02, 2024

Parker & Atlas

by Hairy and Raw

One of the more useful technological inventions is the pause button on the television remote control. It allows you to stop what you're watching, long enough to go get a snack. Or pee. Or, if you're like Parker Logan and Atlas Grant, hitting that pause button allows you to get busy! The furry beasts make out with plenty of noisy, wet kissing. By the time Atlas gets to Parker's cock, he's already drooling loads of pre-cum. Atlas laps it all up and sucks on the big cock. Parker enjoys the hot mouth but grows impatient and aims for Atlas's meaty ass. After burying his face in the plump, hairy globes, Parker rims that furry morsel, lapping at it like its prime beef. When he's good and ready, Parker works that big cock inside Atlas, making him moan and cry out with pleasure.

By Hairy and Raw

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May 02, 2024

The Trainer, Part 4

by TheBroNetwork

Jake Wild hires a personal trainer, Marcus McNeill, for spring conditioning. After a lazy winter, he wants to build functional fitness using no equipment, especially his ass. However, when the trainer demonstrates the movements during training, Jake can't help but get turned on in the moment. Ultimately, the private training turns into a casual sexual encounter between Marcus and Jake why not? A fuck is just a fuck and feels good. This turns out to be one hell of a great workout.

By TheBroNetwork

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May 01, 2024

The Captain's Cock

by Boy Fun

Milo Thunder isn't as innocent as he might look at first glance. This sexy young guy is always looking for new and fresh BoyFun, even when he's supposed to be on a date with his lover. While out taking a nice cruise on a boat the hot captain Justin Host catches his eye and he finds time to slip him his details. It seems young Justin doesn't much care about the boy's relationship status, he soon finds himself on Milo's couch and within moments of arriving the two are making out and grasping for each other's eager cock. This sexy young sailor knows how to suck a juicy cock and with Milo's impressive inches wet and drooling precum the boy returns the favor and enjoys the opportunity to lick his new pal's hole.

By Boy Fun

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May 01, 2024

The Scent Of A Man

by Family Creep

Stepdad Rico Raunch catches Joseph Hart sniffing jockstraps instead of cleaning the locker room. To help Joseph with his horniness Rico decides to help him relieve himself.

By Family Creep

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May 01, 2024

Leo Plows Mateo

by Aussies Do It

It's a good thing horny British top Leo and cock-starved Colombian bottom Mateo are so good at hot raw fucking, since their math skills kinda suck. When the director asks how far apart England and Colombia are away from each other, Mateo claims that Colombia is 14 kilometers (about 10 miles) from Australia, and that Britain must be another 10km away. And Leo blithely agrees, mentioning his own lack of math prowess. But never fear. Hung Leo's big sexual skill is finding and hitting a guy's sensitive prostate like a guided missile, and Mateo can't wait to find out if it's true. Once these two well matched amateurs get started, Mateo is impressed and delighted to get face-to-dick with Leo's oversized tool sucking it down with wide eyed wonder.

By Aussies Do It

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May 01, 2024

Bert & Mark

by Southern Strokes

It's not easy to be horny after a bike ride and not have someone there to take care of it. Something sexy twinks Bert Kuna and Mark Troy know nothing about. Bert and Mark were exhausted from their long bike ride, but that's when their sexual urges kicked into high gear and they had to take care of them right away. The two jocks started rubbing themselves as they relaxed on the bed, but relaxing turned into cock grabbing, rubbing, and kissing. Both wanted more and pulled out their dicks. Mark was first to get his mouth wide open for service and used it on Bert's big meat. That didn't last long as Bert did the same for his friend before bending him for some anal pleasure. Mark was ready and took a good pounding from his fuck buddy until their balls were drained of cum.

By Southern Strokes

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May 01, 2024

Daniel & Donnan

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Young Donnan goes down on his daddy and is rewarded with both a blow job and ass licking. Then Daniel takes the boy from behind and the two enjoy a standing bareback fuck. Daniel fucks the cum out of Donnan and then feeds the boy a mouth full of his own warm load.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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