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Apr 29, 2024

Torsten, Jens & Olaf

by Bel Ami Online

Firstly, I'll apologize for making you all wait so long for this scene after part 1 came out 2 weeks ago, but today we rejoin feuding (and making up) couple Torsten and Olaf as Olaf gets his way and the highly anticipated threesome with Jens becomes a reality. Of course, we all guessed the reason Olaf wanted this to happen, as for him, 2 dicks are always going to be better than one, and it turns out that Torsten really doesn't mind sharing his boyfriend's mouth and ass with sexy and hung Jens. Olaf surely is at his slutty best here and can't get enough of the pair of jocks as they take turns stuffing his mouth full of dick and then pounding his sweet and hungry hole

By Bel Ami Online

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Apr 29, 2024


by Cutler's Den

Have you ever fucked a perfect ass? Ian and Mateo get to right now! Nano Love goes ass up for these two hung guys and those big dicks want some warm wet hole to explode into. Meat skewered Nano takes it down the throat and into his fat round butt until he's in full fuck mode. The tops take turns and get down and dirty.

By Cutler's Den

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Apr 29, 2024

'Between Friends' Episode 2

by Cocky Boys

Lane Colten & River Wilks: CockyBoys continues "Between Friends", a special series with real-life fuck buddies and/or those who were drawn to each other to create an intimate connection which deeply affects the kind of sex they have. This time you'll the connection unfold before your eyes. Sometimes a connection comes in an instant as it was when Exclusive Lane Colten met River Wilks in his CockyBoys debut! Lane's intuition was correct as River opens up about wanting to be dominated and Lane makes it happen. When River sucks his huge cock, Lane expresses his dominance vocally and then physically with take-charge foreplay. Lane fucks River and elicits vocal responses from him which get more vivid and ecstatic as he plows harder.

By Cocky Boys

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Apr 29, 2024

Beard & Impulse

by Bi Latin Men

Beard and Impulse are two lucky studs doing some older, younger, hot gay sex. It doesn't take too long at all until the clothes come off and the cocksucking starts. He takes it so deep down his throat he looks like a champ. Next up some ass opening rimming and that salad is tossed good. Deep hard anal sex in multiple positions making your mouth water for some of the action too.

By Bi Latin Men

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Apr 29, 2024

Bowling Alley Fuckdown

by Men

Angel Santana asks his pal's hot BF Malik Delgaty for some pointers on his bowling form, and gets turned on when the hunk's junk grinds against his booty as Malik comes behind to show him how it's done. But Angel gets the wrong kind of split when he bends over and rips his pants! Malik notices the easy-access hole and sneakily fucks Angel, then the bottom sucks him. Malik bends Angel over before the dark-haired twink rides that big cock. Malik drills the bottom at the scoring table till Angel orgasms, then pulls out and shoots cum to spare.

By Men

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Apr 29, 2024

Keep Him Clothes


Colin Pippin (Jesse Stone) has a big crush on his stepbrother Lincoln Green (Trevor Brooks). He's so obsessed with Lincoln that he wants a piece of him however he can get it. In fact, Colin loves sneaking into Lincoln's room after he's jerked off in a sock, and putting the sock on his feet before going about his day. When Lincoln finds out what Colin's been doing, he gives Colin hell, and one heck of a fuck.


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Apr 29, 2024

Ginger Christian Is Back

by Island Studs

Tall 6'4" Ginger PSU Skateboarder Christian is back, proudly showing off his new 'Liquid Aloha' Kona Brew Long Board as he strokes his perfect furry cock with one hand and holds his board in the other! This a super cute, friendly, talkative, happy strawberry blond college jock from New Orleans, Louisiana with a smooth tight & lean upper body, perfect amount to hair covering his perky nipples and a super thick bush of untrimmed red belly hair surrounding his navel and covering his cock, very hairy balls, takes a powerful piss in a bucket, pump iron fully nude, walks naked, repeatedly grabs his ass cheeks, spreading them wide open exposing his yummy gaping hungry hole, combs his ultra furry bush with a comb and smiles, sits down on the deck for a very long stroke session, squirming and quaking in the chair as he edges and teases.

By Island Studs

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Apr 29, 2024

Brant & Dylan

by BadPuppy

Remastered Original from Gio Caruso with Brant Dickson and Dylan Roberts: 23-year-old veteran Dylan Roberts is back to show 31-year-old newcomer Brant Dickson how to ride a stud. They start off with a long passionate kiss before they start to undress each other, returning to passionate kissing between each article of clothing. It's not long before Dylan finds Brant's meat sausage and stuffs it in his hungry mouth. Dylan isn't satisfied with playing the skin flute for too long and decides to look for a dirty penny. Brant takes his turn at smoking the pole before Dylan encourages Brant to clean his back door with his tongue. Dylan is in heat and needs to find a way to cool off, so he decides he needs a ride on the Hershey highway. The boys salad toss in several positions before blowing their loads all over Brant's waiting abs.

By BadPuppy

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Apr 28, 2024

Jock Strapped: Part 1

by Private Playground XXX

There's one sure thing to cheer up a sad jock after losing the big game and that's a gaggle of 5 packin' twinks! Nothing like a little dick therapy.

By Private Playground XXX

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Apr 28, 2024

Nasty Boy

by Men At Play

Young Venezuelan Luciano is known to be a nasty boy, especially in anonymous settings. Tonight, he's out cruising at the club and their gloryholes. Soon, he is swallowing two massive cocks until he sucks the load out of one of them into his mouth. Soon the horny stud sticks his ass against the glory hole where Viktor Rom's 9" uncut cock awaits. But first, Viktor rims and fingers the waiting ass before fucking the anon arsehole through the glory hole. But the hole in the wall is small, and Viktor wants to give it to the young boy hard and deep, so they move into a private, dark room. There, the sexy boy takes Viktor's big cock again, this time while getting fucked in the sex sling by the anon hung daddy. Luciano cums while getting fucked deep and hard by the huge dick, and Viktor shoots his load all over the used boy.

By Men At Play

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Apr 28, 2024

Gangbang 021

by WhoreHimOut

Tens across the board: Kylan Boyd was hungry for some big dicks and stopped by WHOREHIMOUT to beat his all time record of being a CumDump. Kylan Boyd has a cute small frame but can definitely take some big dicks. How many loads do you think Kylan Boyd took up his ass? Subscribe today and find out ! Exclusively on WhoreHimOut.

By WhoreHimOut

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Apr 28, 2024


by TheBroNetwork

Angel Santana just picked up his new baby. Unfortunately, his bright blue car had some hidden issues, and the lights on the dash were lit brighter than a solar eclipse. Luckily, a friend of a friend put him in touch with Mateo Zagal, a pillar of the car scene and an absolute stud with the magic touch. Angel knows that dealerships can be expensive, but Mateo knows his way around these cars and offers a quick scan to see what’s up. While Mateo bends over to insert the scanner to run a few diagnostic tests, Angel can’t help but drool over the hunky stud’s mechanic’s crack. It must be Angel’s lucky day! After completing the scan, Mateo shares the good news. The car’s really not in that bad shape, and it looks like he has saved a lot of money by bringing it over first… but it’ll still cost him hundreds of dollars!

By TheBroNetwork

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