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May 11, 2024

Michael & Matty

by Randy Blue

Michael Jackman and Matty West can barely contain how hot they are for each other from the start to finish. They make out with their bodies are locked together and Matty is already humping on Matty's cock through their underwear. Matty & Michael are even more expressive in their lust when they suck each other. But it's when they fuck that they let it all out. The always physically and vocally demonstrative Matty lets you know how Michael's tongue feels in his hole or how great his cock is. Michael may be a quieter sort but even he's more vocal as he pounds Matty every which way. In fact Matty encourages this, driving Michael into shooting over his hole and breeding him, then fucking a load out of Matty to finish him off. Totally into each other and you'll know it

By Randy Blue

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May 11, 2024

Lumberjacks Cum

by Island Studs

Big 8" Dick Derek & Italian Joey are Back!: Tall, Beefy, Thick 8" Dick All- American Lumberjack Derek is Back for his 3rd Man on Man Action Duo with his Best Bro and "ground guy", Brooklyn raised, Italian Joey in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular: "Jerkin' Bromance Series"! Watch as these two athletic jocks enjoy showing off their contrasting ripped bodies as they flex, pose, hug in their sexy tight jockstraps and nude with full throbbing erections as their big balls dangle between their tan hairy tights as they stroke cocks together, sword flight with power streams of pee in x2 Piss Duels, hug each other naked and rock hard with laughter, compare their killer contrasting cocks as they stroke, joke and play around together naked, grab each others bubble butts, spark up their chainsaws for more tree trimming together fully nude.

By Island Studs

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May 11, 2024

Greyson & Marcus

by Cocky Boys

Marcus McNeill returns to give CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles what he fantasized about when they first met. Marcus gets what he wants too: a hot ass to rim & ruck with his thick cock! Marcus gives Greyson some top man affection as they explore each other's bods before he goes for the gold: eating out Greyson's hungry hole! Marcus gets the thrill of Greyson's deep-sucking before he drills him and finds a hole willing and eager for his cock. So eager in fact that Greyson rides him effortlessly, even as that cock grows even bigger. Eventually though Marcus takes charge, flipping Greyson and fucking a load out of him and shooting a big one over his hairy abs. At the end, Greyson is wowed by his load AND he's still marveling at Marcus' cock!

By Cocky Boys

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May 11, 2024

Moaning For More Cock

by XL Fucker

Gutão Devorador is back and he really put Taylon through his paces. After a long round of throat fucking he flips Taylon over and just goes to town on his tight ass. Taylon told us he loves a big dick but we don't think he was expecting just a long and rough pounding. In the end, although a little worn out, he manages to get the load out of Gutão and into his ass!

By XL Fucker

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May 11, 2024

Global Entry: Scotland 5

by Naked Sword

Jonas Jackson & Antonio Velez: It’s Antonio Velez’s very first time in Scotland, and his very first time shooting a studio scene! In his industry debut, Antonio is hopping in the tub for some extra wet oral sex with Scottish stud Jonas Jackson before moving to the bedroom to get barebacked by Jonas’ ginger cock. With a bright smile spread across his face, Antonio 69s and continues getting fucked by the hairy top until both men are blowing ropes out of their big dicks.

By Naked Sword

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May 11, 2024

Dude Finger Me While I Jerk Off

by Maverick Men Directs

All my porn friends know I love a good jerk off video and Logan Jackman knows that and loves to drop by and beat off for us and we fucking love it. In this video he stroked his beautiful cock while I finger fucked his tight delicious hole till he shot ropes of sweet salty cum.

By Maverick Men Directs

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May 11, 2024

Manscent 2

by Raging Stallion

Lucas Leon is sitting and flexing, admiring his own physique and 'Manscent' when Sharok stumbles upon him and starts rubbing his bulge thru his jeans. Lucas is curious and invites Sharok over for a closer look. They lock lips before Sharok takes his infatuation with Lucas to his knees when he turns him around to get a taste of Lucas' hairy hole. After getting tongue and finger-fucked by Sharok, Lucas gets down to release Sharok's hairy cock from his denim and into his mouth. After a sopping wet hummer, Lucas hops on top of Sharok to ride his raw cock deep. Lucas holds tightly onto Sharok's harness as he bounces up and down on his girthy cock. Going ass to mouth, Lucas climbs off and back down to his knees to suck the thick cock that was just up his ass, taking big sniffs of Sharok's musky cock in between slurps.

By Raging Stallion

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May 11, 2024

Gangbang 022-P1: Cazden Hunter Dick Aficionado

by WhoreHimOut

Today we are welcoming Cazden Hunter! He’s a very well known cumdump here in Los Angeles. The fans have begged us to WhoreHimOut and that’s just what we did. How many loads can Cazden get ?! Watch this epic 4 part episode to see how many he got!

By WhoreHimOut

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May 10, 2024

Bareback Bunk Bed Buddies

by Hung Young Brit

Now we’ve installed these cute cozy little bunk beds, our mates can come stay and have a bit of privacy from the madhouse. We invited Owen and Zurin over for a sleepover. They were both excited and as the evening turned into night they got into their bunks. But Zurin quickly climbed down into Owen's bed. Together they pressed their winky bodies and started snogging the faces off each other touching and fondling each other's cocks through their underwear.

By Hung Young Brit

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May 10, 2024

Tales From The Locker Room 3

by Falcon Studios

Fresh out of the locker room shower, Michael Boston can feel the curious eyes of AJ Sloan watching his every move as he towels off his naked body. Michael doesn't seem to mind though and is soon presenting AJ with his already-hard cock to suck down. With anyone able to walk in and see them at any given second, AJ blows the jock before getting into position for Michael to finger and rim his sweaty hole on a nearby bench. Michael gets his second workout of the day in as he thrusts himself into AJ's ass and barebacks his hole in the middle of the college locker room. Non-stop fucking his teammate and having AJ ride his cock has Michael pulling out to unload into his bottom's open mouth with AJ then covering himself in nut as Michael's massive cheeks take a seat on his face.

By Falcon Studios

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May 10, 2024


by House Of Angell

We know Aiden Tyler has many talents, but if his deep throat was his only one Will Angell would never complain. Aiden is a human fleshjack! He just takes it deep like no one else. This guy is a virtuoso of sucking cock and we are here for it.

By House Of Angell

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May 10, 2024

Fist Club

by Fisting Inferno

Mat Wolff doesn't allow just anyone entry into his exclusive 'Fist Club', but he can tell that curious fuckers Pup Cedar and Rew Lobo are serious about wanting to wreck and stretch some hole. Per Mat's instructions, the pair of newcomers strip down to just their jockstraps in the middle of the mat. A crowd of onlookers watches Rew take his tongue and fist to Pup's smooth hole. With his bushy cock locked in a cage, Pup leans back in awe as Rew continues to completely fill up his gaping asshole with his bare hand.

By Fisting Inferno

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