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May 07, 2024

Amir Tickled Hard

by Tickled Hard

Franco starts Amir face down on the tickling table to increase the element of surprise. Amir's high pitched cackles turn into howling laughter when Franco moves from his hairy armpits down to his size 10 1/2 feet. Amir's cute, furry butt bounces all around and he pours sweat, unable to see or speak. Franco flips Amir onto his back for the second half of his tickling. With a brush on each bare foot, Amir laughs hysterically, barely able to catch his breath. Franco tickles him on his feet, thighs, armpits and ribs, making him dance like a puppet on a string. Just when it seems Amir can't take any more, Franco goes to the next level, climbing on top of him and tickling the hell out of his armpits, then flipping around so their sweaty, hairy bodies rub together while Franco tickles him crazy on his feet.

By Tickled Hard

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May 07, 2024

Straight Young Boxer

by English Lads

Young, athletic, hairy, and very straight footballer Angus Miller returns today as he continues to push his boundaries and arrives for his first ever manhandling! Angus was unsure for a long time about letting another man massage his body but today he is up for the experience! Angus shows off his muscles before he strips off and gets comfy on the bed for his massage. I oil up his hairy body and rub down his chest and abs before releasing tension in his footballer's legs! Angus is super relaxed and when he flips over I tease his uncut cock to a rock hard erection and wank him with lots of oil! Angus’s big hard cock soon erupts with cum! Covered in cum, Angus spreads his legs and shows off his very hairy hole before I film him in the shower!

By English Lads

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May 07, 2024

Marlon & Lipe

by Naked Sword

After sucking down Marlon Costa’s big dick, thick beefcake Lipe Levado is on his knees, ready to be pounded hard by this hung top’s impressive cock. Marlon’s XXL meat fits perfectly between Lipe’s juicy cakes as Lipe plays with his own dick and the two fuck bareback all over the ottoman and couch. Then, with Marlon moments away from blowing, Marlon pulls out of Lipe’s luscious bubble butt and gets ready to unload a mess of cum all over Lipe’s face.

By Naked Sword

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May 07, 2024

Hooking Up Adorable Mates

by Bentley Race

I finally got my cute mates Eddie Archer and Ryan Matthews together in the same shoot. Both Eddie and Ryan have been in a bunch of shoots with our mates but never together. When I heard they were both back in town at the same time I organised this shoot. And I'm glad it happened because it was so much fun. Both Eddie and Ryan are adorable. I can see why our mates are always asking to jump in on the shoots with them. I hadn't picked it up until we started filming but Ryan was very keen to get fucked by Eddie. The photo session went really well. And once I'd had taken a load of photos I grabbed the video camera to catch them stripping off one more time and fucking on the bed. I love shooting with Eddie and Ryan and can't wait to see them in more shoots this year.

By Bentley Race

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May 06, 2024

Relieving Stress


When Cade's (Kam Stone) friend with benefits August (Andrew Miller) suddenly cuts him off, he sets out on the hunt for anew fuck buddy. August suggests their mutual friend Jackson (Jayden Marcos), but he's a bit of a lover. Can Jackson put feelings aside and just have a little 'no strings attached' fun with Cade? Can their friendship stand up to this new test?


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May 06, 2024

Ferdinand, Ares, Caetano, Leonel & Felix

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

This dad and sons orgy is packed with action, as four boys join daddy Ferdinand for some hot cock sucking and barebacking. Everyone gets a taste of cock, before stiff dicks find willing holes and a hot group fuck follows. By the time this horny group is done, Ferdinand has a face splattered with the boys' warm cum loads.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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May 06, 2024

Anthony Sucks

by Straight Fraternity

Jacob and Anthony are new to doing stuff with guys in videos, and I can tell they're both a little nervous today. I tell them to undress and slide next to each other on the couch. Since Jacob is more open-minded, I make him suck Anthony's dick first. Even after I put on a porno, Anthony's still having trouble staying hard. I step in with my expert blowjob skills while Jacob watches. They both jack their dicks, and Jacob is almost ready to nut, so I make Anthony suck him. I make Anthony keep slurping until Jacob unloads in his mouth. That sweet mouth looks so good that I have to get in on the fun! I take Jacob's place on the couch and make Anthony suck and jack me off, too.

By Straight Fraternity

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May 06, 2024

Last Binge

by Face Down Ass Up

He got on his knees and started sucking dick. It was a site to see, all those cocks just waiting for him to get them off.

By Face Down Ass Up

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May 06, 2024

Take Out The Trash

by Trailer Trash Boys

Cain Marko and Jonah Wheeler: Jonah is well, that boy's a slob. He got his trash all over his lot and the neighbors are all complaining about having to look at his old sofa up on cinderblocks. The Lot Manager Cain has had enough of Jonah's trash and gives him a big thick dick up his hole as punishment. Cain's huge thick dick, covered in red hair, slides right all up in Jonah's asshole. Dan, he fucks him SO hard. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

By Trailer Trash Boys

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May 06, 2024

Dad & Lad


Johnny is receiving a severe OTK spanking from his dad for his bad behavior. The boy may insist he's still a virgin, but he's proven how untrustworthy he is because his disciplining has caused him to grow aroused. All his Dad can do is assess his offspring's claim by weighing his testicles and testing his penis with the help of the rugby club chairmen. The 18 year old can barely control himself standing naked before them.


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May 06, 2024

Trevor & Swhirly

by Cocky Boys

CockyBoys wraps up "Between Friends" with a flip-fuck featuring Swhirly & Trevor Brooks, who arguably best epitomize the theme of real-life fuck buddies who were drawn to each other to create an intimate connection which has affected the kind of sex they have. Trevor & Swhirly vividly describe their connection and show how genuinely potent it is. They make out and suck each other with same sensual energy which Swhirly continues as he primes Trevor's hole and fucks him. As Swhirly virtually owns his hole, Trevor reacts as though this is all very new and still exciting to feel his huge cock inside him. Swhirly is super happy when Trevor returns the favor, sucking him, eating out his hole and pounding him over the sofa. In fact, they're very playful necking in between their intimate fucking.

By Cocky Boys

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May 06, 2024

Bitch Boy

by Frat X

You are ours for life. You'll be spoiled by us, fucked like a filthy slut and we'll fill up your ass over and over again.

By Frat X

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