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May 05, 2024

The Mafia Ch 1

by Stag Homme

Staghomme Origins: The camera begins to roll and I'm totally comfortable being filmed, but it's when Manuel joins me in front of the camera that surprises me. He wants a video he can share with whomever the mob is in cahoots with this month. A show and tell of sorts. He grabs the back of my head and kisses me aggressively, Manuel's tongue invading my mouth before I can even feel his lips on mine. I massage his growing member through the tough fabric of his pants and feel his own hands move. Manuel's fingers slide down my waistband and plunge into my smooth crack, getting me excited. I can feel his growing throbber under the fabric, and then pulls it out. His cock is thick with an uncut hood that proudly slides back and forth against the tip. Manuel bends me over to start fucking me, spreading me open with that thick dick.

By Stag Homme

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May 05, 2024

Kyle & Daley

by Bel Ami Online

Daley Anholt is making his debut today paired up with the handsome and sexy Kyle Brady. Daley is a bit of a show-off today and is trying to impress Kyle with his deep-throating skills and it looks like he could have taken another 3 or 4 inches extra as well! As good as Daley is at sucking cock, Kyle is equally adept at eating ass, so he certainly returns the favor with an extended rimming session to loosen up his eager buddy. The fucking is deep and energetic and we get the impression that off-camera things may get quite a bit rougher and nastier.

By Bel Ami Online

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May 05, 2024

Global Entry: Scotland 4

by Naked Sword

Danny Wyatt and Dino Bravo:Hunks Danny Wyatt and Dino Bravo are in Edinburgh, sitting down with NakedSword for an exclusive interview before filming their studio debuts. Immediately following the pre-fuck chat, Danny drops down to suck off his new buddy with Dino then going in to rim and bareback Danny’s deliciously thick cakes. Only pulling out to get the occasional taste of Danny’s big dick, Dino keeps pounding Danny’s smooth hole until he’s unloading his uncut cock all over the bottom’s bare stomach.

By Naked Sword

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May 05, 2024

Andrew Delta Cumdump 1

by Bareback +

In his first Cum Dump Sluts featured role Andrew Delta takes on eight of Carnal's hottest well hung studs. With Andrew kneeling on a leather sofa, they pummel his hole one after the other, each one seeming to breed their cum slut with a larger load than the last. His hole becomes more open and puffy with each fuck and cum oozes from his hole and runs down the back of his thighs.

By Bareback +

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May 05, 2024

The Boy Jack Ch 2

by Boy For Sale

The Appraisal: Armed with his steel clipboard and a no-nonsense, steely gaze, Master Banner called for the measurements of the entire anatomy of The Boy Jack Waters. Master Stone and Master Saint sized the still blindfolded Slaveboy while Master Banner feverishly notated every ounce and inch. After the exhaustive work of measuring and appraising the Slaveboy was complete, Master Banner announced that it was time for the second appraisal phase. Master Saint chuckled to himself as he observed the Boy Jack draw a sharp breath when Master Banner grabbed the Slaveboy's junk. Boy Jack remained wordless, remembering any comment or complaint would nullify the contract. Soon, the Boy Jack was bent over so as to gain better, easier access to every Master's favorite slave boy feature the smooth, pink, virginal twink boy hole.

By Boy For Sale

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May 05, 2024

Mike Tiger & Tony Axel

by Jalif Studios

Handsome hunk Mike Tiger is taking a much needed shower after a busy and stressful day. He lathers himself up. The soap suds cling to his well-chiseled body. He likes how they feel. Roomie Tony Axel passes the bathroom and peers in from the landing. He likes the view. He likes it a lot. He's always had a secret crush on Mike and figures that tonight's as good a night as any to come clean. Tony boldly walks into the bathroom and casually removes all his clothes. It's impossible to know which of the two men has the better body: both are meticulously sculpted and shredded. It turns out that Tony is also hung like a donkey. Mike is a little surprised by Tony's striptease act, but shock instantly gives way to excitement. He smiles lustfully. Tony is now rock hard.

By Jalif Studios

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May 05, 2024

Scout Logan Ch 8

by Scout Boys

Sneaking Off: In truth, I just needed a bit of space. Things have been a little weird of late, what with my Dad joining our Troop as a Scoutmaster, and sometimes I just have to take myself away to think and reset. So, this afternoon, I wandered off into the woods carrying my backpack. I had no idea where I was going, which is fairly dangerous, because when I get into that sort of mood, I can pretty easily lose track of where I am. Fortunately, at the time I stopped to get my bearings, Scoutmaster Patrick showed up! Seconds later, we were up against a tree, making out like crazy, kissing passionately with his hands groping pretty much every part of my body. He started grabbing my ass and I felt a rush of pure excitement surging through me.

By Scout Boys

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May 05, 2024

Stuck & Fuck

by Men

Joey Mills and his BF Shadow hook up on the couch, but when Shadow unexpectedly cums too soon all over Joey's face, he lets himself into Shadow's roommate Sumner Blayne's bedroom for another helping of dick. Sumner's happy to oblige, fucking Joey doggystyle until he gets a call. The frustrated bottom picks up a vape but drops it under the bed and gets stuck face down ass up! Which is how Shadow finds him, and puts that hole to good use. When Sumner returns, the two tops share, spit-roasting the twink and both cumming on his face.

By Men

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May 04, 2024

Good Luck, Gutão

by XL Fucker

Rule of thumb is the biggest dick tops and in this case Leandro's 10.5" beats Gutãos 9.5 inches so good luck Gutão as he takes one for the team and takes one pretty intense pounding from Leandro's monster meat!

By XL Fucker

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May 04, 2024

Attracted To Men Over 30


We cheated a little on this scene! We have a 21 years old on set! But don't worry, there's a good reason why we brought Joseph Hart with us. He LOVES older men! And he can't wait to have a sex with Riley Mitchel on camera for your viewing pleasure.


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May 04, 2024

Three Best Tops On Cumpty Dumptys Hole

by Raw Road Nation

Our top three cocksmen unleash their massive dicks of war on the cocky and plain foolish Cumpty Dumpty and although he is renowned as one of Porns most cum hungry pigs he soon realises that this was a massive mistake putting his proud overused cum receptacle hole out of commission. He is known as 'the cumdumps cumdump' & the 'Lord of the cum churn' regularly doing open door no loads refused weekend parties at the biggest circuit events.

By Raw Road Nation

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May 04, 2024

Jack & Jack!

by Randy Blue

Jack Aries & Jack Emhoff were so into each other when they first met that they jumped at the chance to get together here. Jack E can't get enough of Jack A's cock and Jack A is constantly drawn back to Jack E's bubble butt, even during a 69. As good as Jack A's tongue feels on his hole, Jack E wants to be filled by him so he mounts his cock and shows he knows how to bottom for any dick. Jack E rides Jack A every which way and happily takes his upward thrusts and when Jack A flips him over, eats out his ass and pounds him harder, Jack E is thrilled. After more ass-eating and cock-sucking Jack A drills Jack E on his back until he fucks a load out of him. It's not long before Jack A breeds a huge load into Jack E that's so deep it takes a bit for the cream-pie to emerge. Now you know why they had to reunite!

By Randy Blue

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