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May 10, 2024

StepBro's Help: It's Too Big


Blain O'Connor, therapist, comes to visit his little step brother Drake Von who's down in the dumps. His issue? His dick is too big for all the girls on campus! But no worries, his big step bro is here to help.


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May 10, 2024

RINGO 6: Ex Marine 31

by Military Classified

RINGO is back and now a married man! Yes, this str8 stud I met young, single, and ready to mingle. Now all he wants to do is please his wife and make money in porn. What a world we live in! Watch as Ringo gets broken down bit by bit, lick by lick, ball by ball until he delivers a load up Rob's ass that shows dripping out of his ass he Rob lifts up! Classic! RINGO, now out of the military for some time, has really gone out and experimented with homosexuality and has now crossed over to Trans, which is new for him. Once I got the cameras rolling it wasn't long before we were blocking the scene and getting cameras warmed up. I started this anal scene kneeling down in front of Ringo and slowing taking his crotch region to task.

By Military Classified

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May 10, 2024

Hotel-X: Breakfast in Bed

by Men At Play

The debauchery continues at the male, adult only, XXX service-focused venue, Hotel-X, with Italian guest Giuspel and room service server Juan McCoy. Before heading for a day of client meetings, Giuspel is horned up and ready for breakfast in bed. He calls the front desk, reminds them of his VIP status, and orders in. Soon, a young, hot stud arrives with a serving dish. The dish does not hold eggs and toast but a set of handcuffs. Very nice, indeed. Hotel server Juan sucks the suited businessman’s uncut cock before getting handcuffed to the bed, where he becomes the appetizer. Giuspel pulls out Juan’s monster cock through the pant zipper and gags while deep-throating the breakfast meat. Next, he plants his ass on Juan’s face for a rimming before sitting and riding the hard cock.

By Men At Play

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May 10, 2024

Aliya Rides Rocky After Hours

by Hot College Fucks

Our trademark, wildly hot After Hours series returns with Rocky and Aliya doing what they do best sucking, fucking, and lighting up your screens with the kind of blazing hot session that's only possible when you pair up two insatiably horny young college students who can't get enough of sex or one another. These two don't need direction or guidance or a script or any silly porn premises. They just need a partner who's as horny as they are, a bed, and some time to do what they do best, and look hot as hell while doing it!

By Hot College Fucks

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May 09, 2024

Andrew Delta: Massage Bate

by Jason Sparks Live

Baily Wylde welcomes into his studio the tattooed Andrew Delta. Baily begins the massage as he always starts, with Baily's handsy nature getting the best of him. As Baily moves his hands along his muscular client's body, he notices that , no matter where the touch is, Andrew ends up getting excited and popping a boner. As things progress Baily's movements continue to poke at the raging hard-on of his client, until it becomes too difficult to leave unnoticed! Baily wraps his hands around Andrew's erection to wrap up the appointment with a happy ending.

By Jason Sparks Live

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May 09, 2024

Alberto De Velazquez & Sam

by Treasure Island Media

Scene 1 from Good Breeding: I have two rules regarding places where I’ll fuck: never on clean white sheets and never in a hot tub. Porn, however, was invented to break rules. And if you told me I’d get to fuck the beautiful Sam, I’d be the first in the hot tub. Lucky Alberto de Velazquez, how does Brazil produce such fucking handsome men? Shows us how to savor, molest, seduce and voluptuously fuck a hot willing Brazilian bottom. And in the end Alberto’s seed spills inside SAM, sealing a perfect outdoor fuck on the Brazilian seaside. .

By Treasure Island Media

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May 09, 2024

Logan & Scotty

by Jock Breeders

When blonde stud Logan Everett dreams of cock and cum, raven-haired hunk Scotty Knox dreams of hungry holes. They're going to make these dreams come true! Logan eagerly swallows smooth Scotty's cock, slobbering all over it. After being orally worked over, Scotty masterfully slides his cock into Logan's hungry hole raw and pounds him in every position Scotty can think of, making sure his meat penetrates every corner of Logan's insides before launching a load of cum into his guts.

By Jock Breeders

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May 09, 2024

Eddie & Dylan

by Bareback +

If you're wondering why super cute Dylan Tides is walking around with a grin on his pretty face lately, the reason Eddie Patrick's massive cock is a big one. Dylan's admittedly a size-queen and isn't impressed by just any big boner. The young hunk has got a ten-inch or bigger rule, and he sticks to it. Once he saw Eddie's penis for the first time, he calculated very quickly that a ruler wasn't going to be long enough to size that colossal, candy-cock prize!

By Bareback +

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May 09, 2024

Kameron & Ben

by Jalif Studios

Kameron Frost is hot stuff. There's no other word for him, really. Blond, handsome as all hell, and hung like a horse; this power top always gets what he wants. On this occasion what he wants is cute twink boy Ben Coste who's on his knees, sucking and slurping Kameron's meat like a hungry whore. Kameron casually grabs the back of Ben's head and thrusts deep into his throat until the inexperienced boy is gagging and choking. Kameron climbs out of his pants and removes his shirt. Both guys are now completely naked. Kameron relaxes on the bed, encouraging Ben to continue to give him head while gently toying with the sexy boy's spiky hair. It's time to take things to the next level.

By Jalif Studios

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May 09, 2024

Ethan & Chris Encounter 2

by Bound Twinks

Chris Keaton keeps finding himself bound and gagged in one dungeon after another and always acts like he doesn't know exactly how he got there. That's the case in Ethan's Tate's dungeon today. Having already played with Chris on several occasions, Ethan knows just how to threaten this bottom boy into a good time. Really, though, anybody with a cute twink like Chris hanging from the dungeon ceiling is going to take their time appreciating that smooth pale body before they fuck him. Ethan is in no hurry, and the squirms and moans of just from Chris end up setting off more stroking, kissing, and nibbling from Ethan. Chris' tasty ass is just too much to resist and Ethan drops to his knees to give it the attention that it deserves.

By Bound Twinks

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May 09, 2024

Apprentice Devall Ch 5

by Masonic Boys

The Covenant: I did as ordered and crawled subserviently into the room. The first person I saw there was Master Drayke. To be honest, I was relieved: He's a man I know and trust. He really looked after me during my initiation. I left that ceremony feeling like a precious object. I noticed two other men standing towards the back of the room. But I felt obliged to keep my head hanging low so I couldn't tell who they were. I could only fathom that they, like Master Drayke, were wearing white suits. I was ordered to kneel up and, at that point, dared to look over to my left, discovering that one of the men was actually Apprentice Cole. I've always been scared of Apprentice Cole. Ever since I arrived here, he's been so much further on in his training and he comes across as super confident. He's also ridiculously handsome.

By Masonic Boys

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May 09, 2024

Spring Cleaning

by TheBroNetwork

We’re moving into the joys of spring in Montreal, and it’s time to wash your sheets because everyone will be having sex. Yep, spring fever makes us all horny. Fact. When Nate Rose goes to wash his bed sheets, shorts, and tanks, he forgets to bring change and asks Jay Wolfe if he wouldn’t mind watching his stuff while he gets some. Jay noticed Nate tugging at his cock a few times while he was loading the washing machine, and it makes him horny AF! While the sexy Quebecer runs home for change, Jay goes in his bag, pulls out a pair of Nate’s dirty boxers, takes a whiff, and begins to jerk off. “Excuse me, how about you don’t touch my shit, bro!” Nate tells the pervy Jay when he catches him.

By TheBroNetwork

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