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Jun 20, 2024

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw! 2

by Raging Stallion

Hung and uncut muscle studs Papi Suave and Devin Trez are dangling their flesh swords in the foyer. These studs can't wait for a bedroom to be free and get down to it in the entry hall. Papi drops to the floor first to inhale Devin's mighty cock with his deep throat expertise and gets it hard in record time, as the drool drips down his chin. 'Get up! Give me some of that,' says Devin, and Papi stands to present his own XL meat for Devin to deliver his expert BJ skills and then a thirsty and thorough salad toss ass eating. Devin digs his tongue deep into Papi's winking butthole and spits on it before piledriving him in the rear just inside the front door. Papi moans and pushes back as Devin reams him hard and raw against the doorjamb.

By Raging Stallion

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Jun 20, 2024

The Barber & Matt Polaco

by Men At Play

Polish Hunk Matt Polaco visits skilled barber Oskar Ivan for a beard trimming to keep it shorter. When the sexy barber trims Matt and gives him a facial massage, he can't help his cock from stiffening up! Watching Oskar use the thick shaving cream has Matt craving a different kind of cream, and he starts to slowly jerk his cock through his pants. When the barber signals he's open to a barbershop play session, Matt pulls out his uncut dick through his pany fly and invites him to suck it. It's only right that Matt returns the favor, and while sucking on Oskar's dick, he wraps his tie around the Colombian cock. With both stud's cocks hard and ready, the sexy barber fucks his client against and on the chair until Matt cums while being penetrated. After confirmation that he's provided great service, the barber shoots his load on the satisfied Matt.

By Men At Play

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Jun 20, 2024

Jack & Cody

by Jock Breeders

Cody Quest is on his knees worshiping Jack Hunter's big dick, making sure to get it soaked in saliva before he takes it deep into his throat. Jack then takes Cody's thick cock between his lips and down his gullet. Jack is eager to put his tongue to good use. He flips Cody over onto all fours and buries his face between Cody's smooth cheeks, tongue fucking that puckered pink hole.

By Jock Breeders

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Jun 20, 2024

Don't Ask, Nothing To Tell: Editor's Cut

by TheBroNetwork

Gabriel Clark has always felt a patriotic pull. Fighting the good fight for those he loves has always been important to him. But breaking the news of his decision to enlist in the army to those very people he cares about is the hardest part. Especially when he has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend to think about. But after a party at his apartment, he finally breaks the news to Jeremy London, who is sad to see him leave for basic training. When the day comes, and it's time to say goodbye. Jeremy gives Gabriel a reason to be faithful, the memory of everything he stands to lose back home.

By TheBroNetwork

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Jun 19, 2024

Adam & Aaron

by Bareback +

Adam Snow's monster cock seems custom made for Aaron Allen's tight hole. Just before Adam shoves it in, Aaron asks, "Will it fit?" Does it ever! Adam opens Aaron up and fucks the bottom boy until he turns into a limp whimpering slut begging for more. By the time Adam gets done with him, Aaron's hole is gaping wide open and drooling Adam's thick load.

By Bareback +

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Jun 19, 2024

Apprentice Waters Ch 2

by Masonic Boys

The Calling: I entered Master Scott's office, shaking profusely. He looked great, with graying hair and an impressive mustache. He told me I was there to take his seed. Then he ordered me to undress. He told me to kneel in front of him, thrusting his fingers into my mouth. Sometimes what he was doing made me want to gag. Then he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled down his garments, revealing the most massive penis which, unexpectedly, I hoped was going into my mouth. I had never done that before. I didn't know if I was doing everything right, but I figured my instinct would guide me in the right direction. I wrapped my lips around his penis and went up and down his shaft, occasionally sucking, occasionally licking.

By Masonic Boys

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Jun 19, 2024

Ange & Kameron

by Jalif Studios

Ange Lyon just got his guts banged hard by Kevin Sportwear but he's a greedy bottom and wants more. He cleaned himself up, moved down the hall, and started flirting with Kevin's roomie, Kameron. Kameron Frost is something of a Euro-porn legend; blond, hung, authoritative, and dominant. Ange is rock-hard just thinking about him. Kameron pulls his big hard dick out of his jeans and Ange immediately gets to work, hungrily slurping and sucking on it like a true dick-pig. Muscular Kameron uses his massive cock to help stretch Ange's tight throat. The two studs move onto Kameron's bed and continue to make out. Kameron slowly uncovers Ange's bubble butt which is perfectly framed by a well-fitting jockstrap.

By Jalif Studios

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Jun 19, 2024

Milo Miles Ch 10

by Twink Top

Introductions: The team's new assistant coach has already heard about little Milo's many talents and he can't wait to open up for the hot young jock. Coach James had already filled Coach Tomas in on his own relationship with the insatiable shortstop. Milo unexpectedly wandered in while Coach Tomas was looking over the team roster. You can tell Coach Tomas was very happy to finally meet Milo. He's just as sexy as the other Coaches described him. Milo was a bit caught off guard when the handsome stranger not only turned out to be the new assistant Coach, but also knew about his relationship with the head Coach. Milo thought that was supposed to be a secret. It's fine with Milo if that means he gets to take this hot, beefy bear-ass for a lap around the bases.

By Twink Top

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Jun 19, 2024


by Naked Sword

Ripped bodybuilder Jerri Gomes is looking to get stuffed at both ends and, lucky for him, Andy Rodrigues and Gabriel Coimbra are right by his side and ready to fill him up with their big dicks. The two hung tops swap between fucking Jerriā€™s mouth and ass as they constantly rotate positions across the bed. The bareback threesome then comes to a creamy climax as Andy and Gabriel kneel over the beefy muscle hunk and have their monster cocks cum all over his sweaty pecs.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 19, 2024

Serg Ch 5: Double Daddies

by Fun Size Boys

Double Daddies: Dr. Wolf kept the introduction between the two very brief. They all knew why they were there. Dinner was done. Dr. Wolf caressed Serg and kissed him. Soon enough Serg was staring down two massive cocks, rock-hard and ready to be milked. Serg found himself stark naked, his body being felt and tasted by these men. He was in heaven. Dr. Wolf let Mr. Steele go first. The tailor slid his enormous cock into the boy's ravenous hole. Serg moaned in delight as he felt his insides rearranged by the gray-haired tailor. Dr. Wolf took the opportunity to join Mr. Steele and slowly began to stuff his own cock into Serg's yearning hole, eliciting louder and louder moans of ecstasy out of the boy. Mr. Steele's legs are spread wide as the boy rides his cock. Dr. Wolf noticed Mr. Steele's man-hole on clear display and yearning for a cock.

By Fun Size Boys

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Jun 19, 2024

The Pink Lotus 1: Asses Not Ashes

by Peter Fever

When A-gays Nolan Ft. Knox and his hot himbo tagalong Travis arrive at the exclusive Costa del Sol gay resort The Pink Lotus, their first impression is no relaxing, luxurious dream cum true, but more of a frustrating nightmare. The hotel has misplaced the cremated ashes of Nolan's beloved Carlotta, after the pair intended to scatter her ashes in the warm Mediterranean surf. While Nolan goes down to the front desk to rant, Travis makes his move on hunky concierge The Occitan Prince. Occitan does his best to console Travis, who admits that Carlotta was a raging bitch who he hated. Taken aback, Occitan still is up for a roll in the hay and takes on muscular Travis and his big juicy cock. Ever service-oriented, Occitan drops to his knees and swallows Travis' thick tool in one deep gulp.

By Peter Fever

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Jun 19, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 1: Ploy

by Sex Japan TV

Hot blonde/Read-head Ploy loves big dick guys. And she invited her friend to visit, him being just the right size. Waiting for him, she began to caress herself, and upon the arrival of the guy, she immediately rushed to suck his big dick. Then he fucked her hard in her pussy.

By Sex Japan TV

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