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May 27, 2024

Henrique, Brendo & Felipe

by Treasure Island Media

In Berlin or San Francisco, a man licking another man’s leather boot would be a dark and serious moment. But in Brazil? The bootlicker is grinning happily as he chows down on the black leather. Bottom-boy supreme Henrique Becker is the shining star of this three-man encounter with lucky tops Brendo Vilhena and Felipe Villar.

By Treasure Island Media

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May 27, 2024

Eluan with Kirk & Bart

by Freshmen

Bart Cuban and Kirk Gauguin are in the bathroom post-sex. Eluan Jeunet invites them back to the bedroom and offers his oral services to both boys. As soon as Eluan’s pants fall to the ground, Kirk and Bart begin servicing his cock and ass. Eluan offers to fuck Bart’s ass first, who now has a dick up his ass and another in his mouth. This sexy three-way moves along nicely as Eluan offers his ass to Bart in return, while sucking Kirk’s cock again. Kirk is enjoying the blowjob but is also keen to fuck his blond friend’s ass. Bart and Kirk swap places and Kirk fucks Eluan’s ass before reaching orgasm. Bart shoots a thick creamy load over Eluan’s face before Kirk cums on his ass. The session is only over when Eluan rewards his friends' faces with a splashy cumshot.

By Freshmen

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May 27, 2024

Brock's First FlipFuck


JC Hunt knows how to show a guy a great time, and Brock Reynolds has a blast finding out. These two studs suck and rim each other before diving in to a high action flip fuck you don't want to miss! Along with some hot deep ass rimming.


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May 27, 2024

Beer Can Cock Jeffrey

by Island Studs

Super Cute Surfer Boy Jeffrey is BACK, in this his 10th horny cum filled video for Island Studs. Watch as he enjoys showing off his young tight ripped smooth boy body, FAT BEER Can Cock, surrounded by a thick bush of untrimmed College Boy dick hair covering his crotch and balls as he moons the camera, flops his throbbing cock and heavy low hanging ball sack out of his sexy tight blue underwear, strokes is perfect cock into a towering erection, shows off his furry armpits, walks around the property in the sun fully erect, carrying a bucket and swamp boots, get sweaty and dirty cleaning the Koi Pond of weeds with his big fat cock slapping his white creamy thighs, bends over while working naked with his big low hangers dangling between is sweet boy butt cheeks.

By Island Studs

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May 26, 2024

Greyson & Manuel

by Cocky Boys

CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles makes his first visit to Montreal for Manuel Skye and gets treated to his big dick showmanship! Thanks to instant attraction and some personal research, they get right into their passionate encounter and Greyson gets his first taste (literally) of Manuel's precum-leaking cock as well as Manuel's attentive oral reciprocation and voracious ass-eating. Manuel slathers over Greyson's hole when he isn't pounding him in virtually every position and seeing Greyson fearlessly thrives on taking big cocks. Finally, while riding him, Greyson shoots his big load over Manuel's abs, feeds some of it to the cum-hungry top, and then rides his face. This soon gets Manuel to shoot his huge load, which Greyson gobbles up and gives Manuel a cummy kiss for dessert.

By Cocky Boys

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May 26, 2024

Chicago Hotel Orgy Pt. 1

by Private Playground XXX

Although we didn't win our Grabby's Award nomination, the night was not wasted! We grabbed our new banner, a few local guys from Grindr and Sniffies, and had some fun on camera.

By Private Playground XXX

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May 26, 2024

Blake & Ozzy

by Randy Blue

Ozzy Dean is back and gets to fuck Blake Henry in his RandyBlue debut! Ozzie is noticeably happy that Blake is into him, is a really good kisser, and a super-intuitive cocksucker. So naturally Ozzy gives him the same attentive blowjob and virtually jumps into action when Blake asks Ozzy if he wants to fuck him. Blake has experience as a top's dream partner which Ozzy finds out when he fucks him from behind. Blake is a vocal, dynamic bottom who rides Ozzy like he's a longtime lover, yet acts like the pleasure is all new. Ozzy winds up fucking a load out of Blake band then shoots his own over Blake who sucks him dry with a look of satisfaction that's no acting job.

By Randy Blue

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May 26, 2024

Blow Me Bro

by Trailer Trash Boys

Chris Flex & Trevor Brooks: Trevor is hiding out in the shed behind the trailer hitches, playing with his dick when Chris comes by and says "you know I can help you with that" and right away we got ourselves two good ol boys sucking some dick because that's what being a friend is all about. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

By Trailer Trash Boys

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May 26, 2024

Monster Fuck Rally

by XL Fucker

Next up on the list of "big dick takers" is Solomon. He's kind of inexperienced so he's really jumping into the deep end (literally) by taking on Guto's 10" monster. Solomon definitely struggles but in the end he takes it balls deep. He will be feeling this one for a while!

By XL Fucker

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May 26, 2024

Manscent 4

by Raging Stallion

Tatted stud Jaxx Maxim and his hairy bud Donnie Argento inhale each other's 'Manscent' and have a quick make out sesh before Jaxx gets on his knees and starts deep-throating Donnie's hairy cock. Donnie grabs the back of Jaxx's head to make sure he goes all the way down to Donnie's sack with his mouth. When it's Donnie's turn, he stares up at his tatted bud while he works his lips up and down Jaxx's shaft. Jaxx reasserts his dominance when he bends Donnie over to lick his crack. The feeling of Jaxx's bearded face in between his fuzzy cheeks has Donnie's eyes rolling. When Donnie is ready for a bareback pounding, he bends over and Jaxx fits his thick cock into Donnie's eager ass. He grabs Donnie by the hips to make sure his meat is reaching the maximum depths inside his hole.

By Raging Stallion

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May 26, 2024

Gangbang 022-P3: Two Dick Minimum

by WhoreHimOut

The longer we fuck Cazden the greedier he gets. Tall Woof and KJV are here to make sure there are never less than a collective 18 inches in him AT ALL TIMES!! We've got the energizer bunny of fuckers right here. Get ready for a sloppy finale, next time on WHO!

By WhoreHimOut

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May 26, 2024

Tales From The Locker Room 3.5

by Falcon Studios

College jocks AJ Sloan and Jake Waters just discovered a hidden treasure trove of dirty jockstraps hidden in the office of all-star coach Devin Franco. After teasing the coach for secretly whiffing the team's used jocks, AJ decides to give Devin a sniff of the one he's currently wearing. He inhales the ripe manscent and swallows down AJ's cock before both student athletes drop to their knees to tackle their coach's big dick together. Devin returns the favor before letting the football fuckers fill him at both ends. A bareback train then forms on the coach's desk as Jake fucks Devin while Devin fucks Jake. By the time it's Jake's turn to get his hole pounded, Devin and AJ are blowing all over Jake's face and lower back with Jake then feeding his load directly to his hungry coach.

By Falcon Studios

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