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Jun 21, 2024

Dane & Nikki Cuck Barron

by Bi College Fucks

One of the best things about having Dane and Barron around is they're up for most any and everything, all the time. Everything turns these two on, and I can't think of anything we'd ever throw at them that they'd not be eager to try and not have a blast doing. Knowing all that helped lead us to the action here, as we just knew Dane and Nikki would absolutely love getting to tease and torment Barron in a cucking video, and we knew it'd turn Barron on like crazy to get teased and to have a front row seat while Dane pounds Nikki as he watches. We also knew both of these guys would be perfect at taking things to the next level at precisely the right moment in this episode, with Barron being unable to take the cucking and teasing any longer and needing to bury his dick in Dane.

By Bi College Fucks

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Jun 21, 2024

The Super Size Experience!

by XL Fucker

Gabriel loves a big dick and it shows! It takes him a few minutes to devour Gutão's 9 inches. He says it's the girth not the length that he struggled with but he takes every inch right down to the base and even lets Gutão cream-pie his stretched out hungry hole!

By XL Fucker

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Jun 21, 2024

Hugo & Camillo

by Freshmen

Camillo Beischel loves to work out as shown by his highly muscly body. Today’s encounter with Hugo Carter starts in our private gym where you can also spot other models. Hugo isn’t really a "gym rat" so after lifting some barbells he heads back to the house. There is only one thing that Camillo is more passionate about than going to the gym and that's a good fuck, so he decides to follow Hugo and see what happens. When our muscled jock starts to seduce Hugo, he is very much up for Camillo’s alternative workout plan. The boys let their passion guide them until they both end up naked in bed. Camillo works his way down to suck on Hugo‘s erect dick. His oral skills awake the always quiet Hugo who then flips roles and embraces Camillo’s dick with his lips.

By Freshmen

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Jun 21, 2024

Canyon & Logan

by Cocky Boys

Everything that Canyon Cole likes from a partner, he gets from Logan Aarons as soon as he shows up! Canyon likes sensual foreplay and Logan dives in for some hot making out, and mutual cocksucking. Canyon also likes a take control top and Logan delivers that too working over his hole, sliding in and passionately plowing him just as he wants. Bottom-pleaser Logan makes sure Canyon enjoys it all, by playing with his body, sucking him between hard pounding and with lots of kissing. Logan carries Canyon from sofa to bed to continue the experience, eventually fucking him on his back and making him cum. Logan finishes by giving Canyon a facial, licking and kissing it off his smiling face. You'll see they both got what they wanted!

By Cocky Boys

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Jun 21, 2024

Big Tex: Texas Bull + Boy David

by Cutler's Den

The mighty return of Texas Bull! Who better than to really showcase this huge man (and his HUGER COCK) than lean and hungry Boy David. The Bull has arrived at The Den and we are ready for it. His physical presence melts all the men and YOU just WANT to take good care of him. It also helps that he loves to tear up eager men up and spray his cum as a thank you very much.

By Cutler's Den

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Jun 21, 2024

Chicago Hotel Orgy: Part 2

by Private Playground XXX

We rounded up a few local guys while visiting the windy city. Did it "blow"? Absolutely! In the best way possible. Come see how Texas takes on the tri-state area.

By Private Playground XXX

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Jun 21, 2024

Joel, Matthieu, Jason & Jerome

by Bel Ami Online

This week is truly a celebration of summer. 4 beautiful guys basking in the glory of a Cape Town summer and taking advantage of the fantastic weather to get naked and sweaty together. This fourgy comes to us in 2 parts that we felt are best viewed close together, so both parts are presented in the same week. Part 1 is the 'bottom' part where it is all about Jerome Exupery and Jason Bacall fucking Matthieu Pique and in part 2 we swap to the 'top' part where it is all about Joel Birkin, his massive member and his bevy of eager and willing bottoms. We've all heard of Pyramid Schemes, but Joel takes his building skills to a new level as he builds his own tower of bottoms and fucks them all in turn.

By Bel Ami Online

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Jun 21, 2024

Daniel Evans & Alex Kof

by Randy Blue

It takes a verse like Daniel Evans to fully appreciate a top like Alex Kof, who can take charge so effortlessly. For starters though, Alex is content to make out with Daniel and let him go to town hungrily sucking his huge cock. But as soon as Alex makes him moan eating out his ass, he knows Daniel is all his. It's even more obvious when Alex starts plowing him and Daniel gets really vocal. Alex fucks him every which way but he also enjoys his body and cock in between positions, including letting Daniel ride him. Eventually though while Alex drills him on his back, he makes the ultimate take-charge move: he strokes Daniel while pounding him and brings him to orgasm, shooting a geyser of cum! Alex cums soon after, buries his cock in Daniel and kisses him again in one more power top move.

By Randy Blue

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Jun 20, 2024

Dirty Cock Cum & Double Up The Ass

by Raw Road Nation

Our favorite ginger tradie blue collar ass breeder has a great day on the job working for a fit sleazy twisted skinhead and his hot as hell straight military mate. When he decides that he needs a break...this of course will involve fucking both clients asses raw...well you got to earn that tip somehow and two sore holes will do the trick.

By Raw Road Nation

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Jun 20, 2024

Finally Fucking

by Guys In Sweatpants

After 3 years of sexting, Evan and Greyson finally got to meet and more importantly, fuck. That's a lot of time and built-up sexual tension. We all know and love these boys, so we didn't chat long before they were taking each other's clothes off, and licking and sucking each other from face to hole to cock.

By Guys In Sweatpants

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Jun 20, 2024

Cheat Day 2

by Falcon Studios

Overhearing a loud threesome nearby in the middle of the Palm Springs desert has horny hikers Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter wanting to engage in their own fun in the middle of the open sand. After dropping their bags and their their shorts Tristan sucks on his friend's uncut meat as a handsy Alexander reaches down to play with his smooth asshole. The cock sucker drops to all-fours to get rimmed by Alexander before hopping on his friend to take a ride on his thick, bareback dick. Out in the open for anyone to see, Tristan stays completely hard as Alexander mounts his smooth ass and continuously pumps him full of cock until he's pulling out to drown Tristan's used hole in a thick fountain of cum.

By Falcon Studios

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Jun 20, 2024

Full Of Bull

by Muscle Bear Porn

You know Daddy Will Angell is making a special investment in someone if he allows him to carry his name. TK Angell is everything Daddy dreamed of. A huge monster bull boy that lives to please his Daddy. Riley Mitchell makes the perfect training aid because he gives a fuck as good as he takes one. TK gives his Dad one hell of a performance that everyone is going to love.

By Muscle Bear Porn

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