Avery Serviced With Jake Cruise

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Avery Serviced With Jake Cruise Visit Spunk Worthy

By Spunk Worthy

It took some convincing (and a wad of cash) to get Avery to take the next step and get his dick sucked by a guy on camera. I promised him it would be a blowjob he wouldn't regret, either, since us guys know how to get things done the right way. After he agreed, I thought, who better would be up for the job than my buddy, Jake Cruise? The Godfather of servicing straight men! Avery showed up on the tentative side about what was about to happen. Jake put him at ease right away, working his magic by teasing back the zipper on Avery's shorts and complimenting him on his cock while getting him hard. Slow to respond at first, Avery put his hand on Jake's head, guiding his mouth down his cock. If you've ever wondered what it would be like sucking off a nervous str8 Marine, this might be the "how-to" video.

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