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Landon Fucks Eddie: Bareback Visit Spunk Worthy

By Spunk Worthy

Landon is back! And breaking some boundaries he'd never crossed before. When he got in touch to say that he was ready to top a guy, I knew just who to call. Eddie had said he was ready to get fucked on camera, too. Both of the guys had said they liked rough sex, so who better for the job to initiate Landon? The chemistry between them was off and running when they first met. The first-time energy of it all was evident as they peeled each others' clothes off and got down to business. Eddie got Landon's cock primed with some sucking. To my surprise, Landon returned the favor by reaching around to stroke Eddie while getting blown. Once they were both hard and Landon slipped his dick into Eddie's ass, it was non-stop. It was like the shoot was on auto-pilot watching them go at it.

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