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Kenny is back! It took him a minute to take the next step in his porn adventures and get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time. Maybe the initial leap into doing guy-guy scenes (after his happy-ending massage) greased the wheels. Maybe he got a taste for the money. I have an inkling, though, that Kenny was starting to enjoy the rush of getting naked on camera. Regardless of the reason, when he sent a text asking about doing the next scene, you can bet I had the cameras set up in no time. Kenny seemed ready to roll, too. By the time his shorts were unzipped, he was already sporting a semi-hardon. A few teasing sucks later, it was standing at full mast. He seemed to show some uncertainty at first, as if he was enjoying how good it felt, but conflicted that it was a guy down there making his cock feel so good.

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