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5 horned-up pigs meet at London's Fetish Daddy Studios to share the love and get off in an OG fisting orgy. At first groping and kissing in a sweaty writhing mass, the action heats up fast as Jake Rockard's wandering hand reaches Yoshi's insatiable ass while Jordan Tannahill and Axel form a rimming train behind Reid Rose. Yoshi dives in for a mouthful of Reid himself, dons black rubber gloves to drive his fist in deep. Jake's arm slides into Axel as he buries his face into Jake's hard chest. A hot stream of piss leaks out of Axel's jockstrap with Yoshi just below to lick up the splash. Dicks and fists ram into holes across the well-used fuck table as moans echo through the cavernous room. Jake alternates one fist after the other as Axel's ass gapes open for every punch. Yoshi groans as his hole expands for Jordan's muscular arm.

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