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Marcel Eugene, a well-hung muscle stallion from the U.S., meets Yoshi, a Japanese cock-hungry bitch. Knowing they can be seen through the window, they're putting on a show for everyone. The window's thin glass can't keep their loud, guttural groans inside. They start with a passionate kiss while Marcel caresses Yoshi's ass. Yoshi sucks and chokes, drooling on Marcel's huge veiny dick. Then Marcel begins pounding Yoshi's horned-up pussy, lubed with nothing more than spit. He fucks hard in every hot nasty position, Yoshi begging for more. Marcel takes his phone out to film Yoshi for a closer view of Yoshi's mouth and ass wrapped tight around his dick. He busts his first nut in Yoshi as the insatiable bitch cleans up his dick to show his gratitude. Only warmed up, they're ready for round two.

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