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Three mouths, six fists and three relentless holes, so many possibilities... Dee Dungeon and the Fist Trainer are about to exhaust them all, with the thirsty assistance of Yoshi. Dee and Fist Trainer lie in bed resting after a hot night of fist play. Yoshi's not close to being done, licking Dee's nipples to get the action going again. A quiet moan and a kiss from Dee starts things revving back up to full speed. Fist Trainer joins in the fun as he and Dee tweak Yoshi by the sensitive nips. Yoshi's hole twitches to signal it's ready for fists. As Yoshi rolls over Dee dives in to eat out his voracious pussy and the musky smell of Fist Trainer's spit and pits drive Yoshi's libido wild. Dee slides his fists into Yoshi and heeds his cries for more and deeper. As he punches in harder Yoshi's rosebud is in full bloom and his piss starts squirting out.

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