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Tanetsubo Visit Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

By Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Tanetsubo. It has a much nicer sound to it than the English equivalents. Today our Tanetsubo is Yo-ichi, who we might call a cumdump or cum-bucket. He's a bottom that loves being used and loaded up with creamy sperm from a bunch of guys. Sprawled out in leather harness, jock and legs held apart with cuffs and straps, Yo-ichi becomes the focal point for a mass of heaving, groaning, sucking men. Once his mouth and ass are full of cocks, he's got all he wants in the world. Except for the loads. They will cum soon. Then one by one, the men, some with hooded black masks, mount him and dump their loads deep inside his throbbing hole. Yoshi is standing by as fluffer to keep everyone stiff and ready to blow. He gets his own action as well, with a fist jammed into his hole and a stiff cock fucking his throat.

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