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Blake is a dominant, physical guy who can't stand being tickled, but here he is again, submitting to Franco's tickling whims. The experiment: How still can Blake keep himself while Franco tickles his feet. To begin, Franco casually asks Blake about the current rankness of his famously stinky paws. While he's answering, Franco slips off Blake's size 12 sneaker and suddenly begins tickling him. Blake bucks away, but Franco threatens to tickle him all over unless he gives his foot back. Blake complies, and Franco slowly edges him back into his tickle experiment. He blows on Blake's toes and tickles his bare soles gently, but it's Franco's impressive strength and creative positioning that really gets to the meat of Blake's super-ticklish feet. Blake struggles to endure the aggressive foot-tickling, kicking and screaming the entire way.

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