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Franco enlists Blake's roommate Alex to help him with Blake's hardcore tickling. They duct tape him to the table, and with the very first tickle touch, Blake thrashes and screams. They tickle the backs of his legs with feathers, then blindfold him and tickle his butt. His reaction is so extreme that he breaks the tape! Franco flips him over, and they tie him down with ropes, continuing the feather craziness. To mess with this straight guy even more, Franco climbs on top of Blake and positions his naked ass in Blake's face. Blake can't stop himself from lurching forward in hysterics and right into Franco's ass. Franco tickles Blake's bellybutton with his tongue while Alex holds him down, then they turn the focus to Blake's size 12 1/2 feet. Franco sucks his toes and they both take enormous pleasure tickling his big feet while he writhes and howls.

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