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James can't stand being tickled, but with a promise of sex, Franco convinced him to submit to a tickling session. With Texas' help, he ties James to the table with rope and the torture commences. James grits his teeth and tries to resist, but Daddy won't stop. He tickles James until he howls for mercy, then blindfolds him and tickles his size 10 1/2 feet through his sweaty athletic socks. James screams and shouts, but his outbursts only encourage Franco to do more. He tickles James' bare soles with a soap saver and slides in between his toes with lubed up fingers. To escalate the torture, Franco sits on James' chest and tickles him hard in the armpits and ribs. James begs for it to stop when Franco tickles him deeper, but Franco flips him over and tickles him face down.

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