Tex's Tickle Pleasure

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Tex's Tickle Pleasure Visit Tickled Hard

By Tickled Hard

22-year-old Tex slips out of his size 12 cowboy boots and ripped jeans, then lies down on the bed. While Franco ties up his arms, Tex describes being the central ticklee in a bondage experience with a group of his guy friends. Before he knows it, Franco begins tickling him in his armpits and socked feet. Tex bounces and swivels his hips, laughing softly with the tickling pleasure. He can't wipe the smile off his face as Franco tickles his torso and jerks his cock at the same time. Tex's whole body twists and red marks quickly appear everywhere Franco tickles him. Struggle as he might, there's no escaping when Franco tickles his sensitive inner thighs. Tex swings his legs back and forth and he bucks like a bronco when Franco tickles his smooth young feet. He even tries to reach around and tickle Franco's bare feet back!

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