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May 14, 2024

Spence & 4 Other Guys

by Straight Fraternity

Nikko, Garrett, Dax, Robbie and Spence love to play sex games and get off together. This time it's Spence's turn to have the other guys make him cum. Each guy draws a task from the jar to do to Spence. Dax draws 'kissing,' Robbie draws 'nipples,' Nikko draws 'cock,' and Garrett draws 'ass.' They all get busy at their posts. Spence is loving the attention as the guys all work toward making him cum. He stands up and shoots his load while the other guys have their hands all over him!

By Straight Fraternity

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May 14, 2024

Blowing Laird

by Spunk Worthy

Since doing the happy ending massage video, Laird seems to be broadening his sexual horizons. Not quite 19 y/o yet, that might not sound like much since almost everything is a "first" for him, but his curiosity is growing. His girlfriend still doesn't know he's doing some porn on the side, or his gay buddy for that matter, but he confided in me that he'd watched some tranny porn recently which seems to be a fascination with a lot of curious str8 guys. Strange as it might sound, it was because of his girlfriend that he got back in touch about doing a BJ scene he wanted to get her a nice birthday present. At least that was the reason he told me; seemed that he might be wanting to treat himself while he was at it, though.

By Spunk Worthy

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May 14, 2024

Down Under With Sam Holister

by Cade Maddox

I went deep down under on Aussie hottie Sam Holister. After eating his ass, he sits and rides my cock before I take control and fuck him until he shoots his load while I'm deep inside him. Crikey, blimey.

By Cade Maddox

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May 14, 2024

Glenn & Joris

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Glenn strips out of his clothes and daddy quickly goes down on him. The mature man follows with a good ass licking, before bending over so the boy can bareback fuck his ass. A position change has Joris legs in the air, for a final round of raw anal. By the time they are done, Joris is wearing both of their cum loads.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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May 14, 2024

Beg & Steal, Editor's Cut

by Men At Play

Household Manager Enzo Rimenez has received complaints from the estate owners regarding missing personal items. When he passes the houseman, Darius Ferdynand, on the stairs, he asks him to stop by his office. Enzo shares the complaints with Darius and tells him he will need to pat him down. When he does, Enzo finds a gold watch in the houseman’s vest pocket the same one recently reported missing or stolen. Fully understanding his egregious acts, Darius begs Enzo to have mercy, telling him they could figure something out. The two studs get into some hot suck and fuck sessions in exchange for silence. Is it a good deal for the two handsome men?

By Men At Play

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May 14, 2024

Bi-Curious Bro Gets A Sissy Sandwich

by Why Not Bi

Michael Vente wants to finally try anal with his GF, Em Indica, but she says it's not a good time because her old friend from college, Foxy Alex, is coming to stay today. When Alex hears about Michael's anal ambitions, they have two surprises for the guy: the news that they used to fool around with Em, and the offer of their ass instead! Alex sucks the bi-curious guy and they sneak to the bedroom, where Michael finally gets to try anal. When Em walks in, she decides to join! Michael even finds out how good it feels to bottom as Alex fucks him while Em rides his cock, and the threesome form trains before Em takes two loads on her big tits.

By Why Not Bi

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May 14, 2024

Special Delivery: Sign For My Package


Cody Seiya is out on his delivery route when he stops at Justin Matthews' house. Upon ringing the doorbell, Justin rushes out of the shower wet and almost naked to sign for his package in time before it gets sent back to the distribution center. Justin asks Cody to help him move the box into his room where he then decides he wants to sign for another package, Cody's.


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May 14, 2024

Daily Assirmations

by Trans Angels

Busty tgirl Emma Rose is doing yoga alongside gorgeous blonde Tori Easton, and it isn’t long before the horny pair are getting into downward doggy position! After sucking on Emma’s shenis, Tori puts her perky titties on display while face fucking the pretty brunette, and then she piledrives her! Next, Emma tongues Tori’s tight butthole while tugging on her she-cock before sticking out her sexy ass and inviting the beautiful trans babe to penetrate her from behind, and then Emma flips herself over and invites Tori to penetrate her in missionary. Following a raunchy side fuck, the inked-up nymph rides Tori cowgirl style until it’s time to cum!

By Trans Angels

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May 13, 2024

Danillo's Gangbang: NakedSword X Rhyheim

by Naked Sword

Caio Rodrigues, Gael, Danillo, Andy Rodrigues: Danillo, the perfectly insatiable gangbang bottom, is in heaven as Gael’s tongue tastes his hole, Caio Rodrigues’ big dick pounds his ass, and Andy Rodrigues’ monster meat fills his open mouth. The trio of hung tops is ensuring that this hot jock is always stuffed full of cock as they take turns fucking his ass, pumping their tools down his throat, and even double penetrating his stretched-out slit. Following rounds and rounds of non-stop action, the bareback orgy comes to a creamy climax as the men pull out so Danillo can drop to his knees and open his mouth for three milky loads.

By Naked Sword

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May 13, 2024

Greg & Enzo

by BadPuppy

Remastered Original from Hammer Entertainment with Greg Taylor and Enzo Bloom: 24-year-old Greg Taylor is a HOT uncut stud from the Czech Republic. When he's not playing hockey, you'll usually find him at the gym working out! 23-year-old Enzo Bloom is also from the Czech Republic and this uncut Hottie is a driver for a local government office. They are spending a quiet night at home alone, so what better time for them to catch up on some quality sexploitation of each other. They kiss and make out on the couch before Enzo moves in on Greg's thick rod, licking and sucking him off. Greg is fully ready and begins returning the same oral affection given by Enzo, while stroking on his own cock. Foreplay was fun, but they are ready for some action.

By BadPuppy

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May 13, 2024

Andres & Juan

by Bring Me A Boy

Even a good boy needs discipline from a father figure, and Juan Vasquez is no different. Lucky for him, he has Andres Magno to show him the way. If not, he will spank it into him, followed by his cock. Andres is upset to find a messy bed covered in underwear. He knows Juan is responsible and needs to teach him a lesson over his knee. Promising to be a good boy, Andres changes up the punishment and gives his boy his cock instead. Juan knows how to treat Daddy and gives his dick the love it deserves, which pleases Andres. But Juan still needs to be taught a lesson and after sucking his boy's meat, gave Juan the attention that his hole deserves. Fucking his boy brings them both joy, especially watching Andres's cum falling on Juan's face.

By Bring Me A Boy

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May 13, 2024

Cain & Eloy

by BareBack That Hole

We knew we would be in for a treat when we introduced horny Cain Gomez and thirsty bottom Eloy Eloy, but we never expected this. As soon as the two hunks walked into the room, their chemistry was magnetic and grew as they started kissing. Eloy dropped to his knees and licked his new buddy's chest and abs before pulling out Cain's dick and getting it in his ready mouth, but that's not the hole Cain wanted to fill. Eloy took position on the bed and gave Cain's mouth full access to his hole as it opened up wide for a thick cut of beef. But Cain wasn't in a rush and slowly fed his boy's hole until Eloy's ass was ready to be fucked over the bed, like the power bottom that he is training himself to be, one load at a time.

By BareBack That Hole

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