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May 17, 2024

Sword of the Samurai 5

by Peter Fever

The Sword Fuckfest 2: As their fourway swordplay continues at the Samurai training school, new recruit Koki respectfully asks master Hiroshi to train his sword the way he took on his former top student Ton. Ton and Rio assume the position behind Hiroshi and Koki and drop the lower wraps that sheath their powerful swords of passion. The orgy takes on a new direction. Ton's hand works Koki's tool up to a powerful stiffness as Rio does the same for Hiroshi's. Ready for action the two samurai toss off their ceremonial uniforms and all four naked warriors press their manly flesh together. Koki nibbles at master Hiroshi's sensitive nips as they both stroke their swords of flesh. Koki shows his allegiance and respect for the master by taking his sword deep down his thirsty mouth.

By Peter Fever

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May 17, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: Plowing A Gym Bud

by Raw Hole

Travis sends a postcard to his buddy home in LA raving about Brazil and the muscle stud he picked up at a local gym. Daniel Toro is a bearded Brazilian longhair with a stacked muscle body and a hair-covered booty to die for. As Travis wrote "OMG, look at that ASS!" He sidles up next to Travis on the treadmill and before you know it they're back at Travis' hotel room. The tall Latin lover runs his hands down Travis' firm built body and the two horndogs peel off their workout duds and grope each others' asses. Travis nurses on the big guy's nips and gets a wet Brazilian blowjob. As he wrestles Daniel to the bed, the horny Carioca wraps his hairy legs around Travis' hips. He wants to get fucked, and he needs it bad! Daniel spreads his hot muscle body across the bed ass up and Travis makes a meal of that hairy hole.

By Raw Hole

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May 17, 2024

GANGBANG 022-P2: All You Can Breed

by WhoreHimOut

With KJV's help, Cazden is ready to double the dick! WHO better to help stretch out this week's cumslut but Whore Him Out newcomer Maxxx Magnum Keep them loads cumming!

By WhoreHimOut

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May 17, 2024

Lessons In deep Breeding

by XL Fucker

At just 20 years old Wesley is our youngest bottom but while he might be young he is an experienced bottom and knows how to take a monster cock which is why we paired him up with Leandro and his 10.5 piece of meat. Wesley did great but during the last 5 minutes you can see how start to struggle. Luckily a few squeezes of his hole gets Leandro to shoot his load deep into Wesley's boy pussy!

By XL Fucker

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May 17, 2024

Gymnastyx Part 3

by Private Playground XXX

We rented out a real private gym to act out all our dirty protein-fueled fantasies. Imagine walking into your local gym and every guy walking around is just wearing his jockstrap. This is what would happen.

By Private Playground XXX

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May 17, 2024

Annual Anal Meeting

by Hung Young Brit

It's that time of year again, and we are in Belgium for the Darklands festival. And of course we met up with Daan or AKA “Max Verstappen”. This will be the third year we met him and each time he's brought along a new sexy guy for us to film and fuck. Max came all over his mates body, while his mate produced a drooling pool of spunk where he hadn't come for a couple of days. I wonder who will help bring for us next year.

By Hung Young Brit

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May 17, 2024

Fuck Raw In The Sun

by Raw Road Nation

Filmed outdoors in Spain the king daddy of all anal ownership American superstar man breeder Rick Kelson gets down and dirty with Bob Steel and Bob sure gets into lapping up all that experience his hot daddy has as regards his untrained young holes. Just to add to this great scene the two of them get an extra raw load of attention from their buddy the Moustachioed Alistair Noir.

By Raw Road Nation

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May 17, 2024

Fuji Mounts Akira

by Japan Boyz

Like the majestic peak, fabulous veteran Fuji is a local landmark around the stable here at Japanboyz. Now that handsome Akira is exploring his bottoming side, it was inevitable that he and Fuji would make a hot matchup. Akira lays back and lets experienced Fuji do most of the work, from sucking his dick to plowing his tight fresh booty. He spread his legs open wide and Fuji takes the occasion to ram in to the hilt. Keeping his impressive hardon stiff, Akira closes his eyes and assumes a blissful expression as Fuji mounts his hole and buries his cock deep. Rivulets of lube and pre-cum stream down between Akira's legs and drench his nuts. He lies back and wraps his ankles around Fuji as the stud plows in with no inhibitions. Dropping his jaw, mouth open, Akira starts stroking, ready to shoot any moment.

By Japan Boyz

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May 16, 2024

Daddy With A Capital D

by Muscle Bear Porn

Daddy with a Capital D doesn’t just refer to Ralph Bruneau being the ultimate Daddy, but also the nice piece of equipment he’s working with. Liam Angell is more than happy to serve all that D! After Ralph gets him all opened up and filled with juice Will Angell comes in with the assist and dumps another wet one on top making some Daddy punch in Liam’s bowl.

By Muscle Bear Porn

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May 16, 2024

The Man Next Door


Joseph Morr (Lawson James) doesn't feel his age. It seemed like just yesterday he was in his early twenties tearing up the town. When he meets Gabe Green (Johnny Moon), Joseph doesn't think he has a chance with him. Gabe sees age as a number and shows Joseph how to believe the same.


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May 16, 2024

Chasing Cock

by TheBroNetwork

As the weather warms up and the corn starts to bloom, it is the horniest time of year. Farmer Manuel Skye’s rooster is on the loose. He asks his neighbor, Arno Antino, also a farmer, for help to find his cock. It’s just a ploy to get his sexy neighbor alone on the farm so that they can flip-flop fuck.

By TheBroNetwork

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May 16, 2024

Damian & Logan

by Cocky Boys

Logan Aarons literally gets his hands on Damian Night for a massage, but both guys have a happy ending! Actually, the massage doesn't go very far before Logan goes down on Damian who soon is face fucking his throat and opening him up. Damian enjoys being in control of Logan, easily transitioning to eating out his ass and giving him what he wants his cock in his spit lubed hole. Logan gets off on Damian as power top and gets more vocal the more his hole is used and pounded every which way. Logan excites Damian too well and has to slow him down so he won't blow, but when Logan winds up riding his cock, there's no stopping them. Logan shoots his load while riding Damian then dismounts just in time to gobble up his load when he cums. Happy ending indeed!

By Cocky Boys

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