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Their scene together may be over and "in the can" but in the bathroom washing up afterwards, Latin horndogs Simon and Mateo are clearly not DONE yet. Wiping his hands off by the sink Mateo gets a glimpse of Simon's big dick swelling under his towel and these guys are back to blowing, their favorite sport. Mateo gets down on his knees and reaches a curious hand up under Simon's towel to feel that cock again. The towel comes off and Mateo takes a big musky mouthful of that slick uncut tool. Sexy Simon strikes a muscle pose as he leans back and inspires Mateo to suck harder and deeper. His hand follows his tongue and lips tracing a route up and down Simon's dickhead and thick veiny shaft. He wanders down to the heavy nuts pushed forward by Simon's blue cock-ring as Simon sits leaning back to get serviced.

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