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Sexy, swarthy Simon (See-Moan) is a hot-blooded, bearded South American versatile top, and there's no doubt he loves to fuck! He describes his hair and eye color as "black, and black." Intrigued by porn, this is his first outing and he's fulfilling that interest. He gets off watching how much his bottom is enjoying getting rammed. Recent ADI discovery Mateo is also Latino, a spicy Colombian who prefers bottoming, though he admits when he's really turned on he can be VERY versatile. Simon likes Colombians, especially their naughty side. Well-matched, they get started with a kiss and a suck, and waste no time getting to the old in-and-out. Mateo LOVES to suck, and it's pretty obvious by the dreamy but focused look on his face when he's swallowing Simon's big booty-splitter.

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