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Today at Military Classified we have our crowd favorite TJ bottoming for hung Staff Sgt. CAYDEN! I offered more money to get Cayden to suck another man's cock and he took the deal! This is CAYDEN'S first time wrapping his lips around a cock and let me tell you, he did not disappoint! He sucked TJ'S 6 inch cock like a pro! With all the orgies he has attended, I'm sure he has learned a thing or two about how to suck dick! Nothing money can't solve when it comes to getting a straight fella suck and fuck another guy! This is CAYDEN and TJ'S first interaction and they both instantly hit it off! TJ hits it off with every new talent we bring in the studio! The party started when cloths started to come off. I had them both stroke each other's cocks before CAYDEN went in for the first kill.

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