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Jake 2 Anal Marines 21 Visit Military Classified

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Jake has returned to do some more work for my cameras. Well actually he told one of my friends that he was coming back for some more of that good head that I'm so famous for. This time we put a little twist on the situation and convinced Jake to bent my ass over and fuck this firm round ass hard doggystyle which he responded by saying "how much?". The rest is history as you're about to see. This time Jake was a little more relaxed knowing me and the situation which made it much more comfortable for him. I made him take all his clothes off and sat him down on my easy chair and made him spread his legs, put his hands behind his head, and then started licking all over that crotch region of this boy's body. He was limp as a wet noodle but once I started my licking and sucking of his balls he began to wake up, literally.

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