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The Grooming: As Master Saint let his hands and mouth continue to roam the boy's body, he had been dripping and rubbing oil onto Boy Dylan's toned, hairless frame, which now glistened under the light. The man made The Boy turn over and lay on his back legs-up, then brought a perfectly curved glass toy to The Boy's hole. The tip of the toy popped into Boy Dylan's hole, eliciting another small gasp and moan, the moan extended as Master Saint slid the oiled-up glass dildo deep in. The Boy's cock twitched, jumped, and throbbed as he felt the length of the dildo make its way deep into his guts. Master Saint began to slide it in and out, giving The Boy unspoken permission to stroke his own rigid member. Boy Dylan was overcome with lust and desire, hoping the Master would get naked, too, and fill his boy-hole with hard cock.

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