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The Prize: Boy Milo experiences his second harrowing visit to the auction block then immense relief when he discovers that he has been purchased by Master Marko, the furry giant bear with a heart of gold! Far more than simple relief when the Master stepped out of the shadows onto the auction stage, Milo felt an overwhelming flood of raw lust. One look at Master Marko would get any gay boy's hole quivering with hungry desire, and Boy Milo soon re-discovers that he is now that man's property and subject to his every whim and desire. They're home and Master Marko can enjoy his new prize in the comfort of his own bed. He beckons to Boy Milo to come crawling in on his knees. Aware of his Boy's desperate desire to please, and the powerful charisma of his own presence, Master Marko reassures his Boy with affectionate caresses.

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