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By Raw Hole

Travel guide Alfonso is taking Nolan Knox to see the sites of Mexico City, and when Nolan wants to meet some hot boys, he leads him to a secluded garden where his friend, swarthy Mexican Axel Loon Bernal just happens to be sprawled out at a cocktail table. Guess Nolan found his hot guy without even looking in this Latin playground, because he's soon riding his booty across Axel's lap and locked in deep juicy kisses. Sliding off the chair to his knees, Nolan swallows Axel's big tool in one thirsty gulp. Make that a JUICY gulp, when Axel face-fucks him and Nolan's chin is dripping big wads of saliva. Axel reaches around to get both hands full of Nolan's meaty buns. He bends him over the chair to nosedive into Nolan's sexy butt, licking and lapping at that musky hole.

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