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Exchange student Hanry Japa has traveled back from the US to Brazil to visit his homeland and its hot men. He sent a postcard back to a friend in LA with the charming salutation "Hey Bitch!" He's looking to build some muscle in Brazil for his modeling career, and his old crush Marcello William is up to the task of getting him in shape on the famous beaches of Rio. And, they're doing some fucking on the side. Muscular Marcello starts out getting his young buddy to pullup on the beach equipment, but in a few secs they're off to the hotel for this workout's happy ending. The two bareback studs peel off each others' shirts and drop their drawers. Marcello gobbles down Hanry's thick cock as Hanry tosses his head back and just enjoys. He kneels down to swallow DEEP, his hungry ass open and twitching for a rough screw.

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