Damien, Ch 8

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Damien, Ch 8 Visit Fun Size Boys

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Renovation Flip: Dr. Wolf finds Damien in the guestroom playing on his phone. Damien wants to make a very special type of movie for social media. Dr. Wolf, something of an exhibitionist himself, is happy to comply and he dives into his boy's tasty ass with enthusiasm! Dr. Wolf is in no hurry and takes his time. Damien is in heaven having the big guy chow down on his hole while streaming it for his friends. Soon, Dr. Wolf has two fingers deep in Damien's tight hole working his little prostate. It's time for the main event as Dr. Wolf slowly works his massive cock into the little guy. These boys are so small and tight that it's hard to believe it fits but the Doctor knows what he's doing and somehow it always does. When he's got Damien loose enough to fuck the Doctor goes to town.

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