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Dr. Wolf House Visit: After getting together with Shay several times, Dr. Wolf makes a house call and goes to visit the boy. They go back to Shay's room and start out pretty much like always. Dr. Wolf gets Shay undressed and eats his hole like the sweet tasty snack that it is. Then the doctor strips so that Shay can suck his cock. The boy struggles to get Dr. Wolf's massive tool in his mouth, but he soon has the doctor moaning with pleasure, and fingering Shay's tight hole getting it opened up to fuck. Shay is soon moaning and squirming with Dr. Wolf's finger fucking making his hole hungry for the real thing. Dr. Wolf can hardly believe that the boy's tight chute will stretch wide enough to accommodate his big dick but he knows from experience that, with a bit of effort, it will. When Dr. Wolf finally gives it to the boy, he has to start slow.

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