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Live in Sacramento: Connor Patricks and Wolfie Blue start their sizzling livestream locked in a passionate kiss. Their toned-up college bodies flexing sporadically as they both exchange crotch gropes under the motel room lighting. Connor takes the initiative and removes his gray underwear with Wolfie following suit with his black briefs. Wolfie immediately swallows Connor's stiff dick with his warm, wet mouth, expertly working the chiseled hunk's rigid rod before hopping off of it and planting another kiss. This leads Connor to return the favor by devouring Wolfie's equally stiff dick and showing off his own skillful mouth as he arches his back, giving a great profile view of his perky ass. Wolfie lays down on the bed and Connor continues to skillfully work Wolfie's hard cock with his mouth before sliding up to meet Wolfie face to face.

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