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Jax Thirio and Troye Jacobs pair up yet again in this week's banging bonanza. And when there's sizzling chemistry like this between two hot, horny men, why not encourage them to pair up as often as possible? As ever, the most striking thing about this pairing is the contrast between them. Both are smooth and beautifully chiseled, but Jax is older and considerably more tan than his younger, milk-white bedfellow. The make-out session is as intense as it is passionate. They kiss sensuously, perfect bodies lustfully intertwined, tongues flickering and dancing wantonly, hands groping, groins thrusting. They're as into each other as it's possible for two guys to be. Jax hungrily sucks the younger man's enormous dick and gags repeatedly. Streams of thick saliva roll down Troye's shaft.

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