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Nina Rox is a bit annoyed when her roommate Markus Kage's boyfriend Dante Colle comes back unexpectedly, interrupting their hangout time... especially when Markus starts sucking Dante's cock right in front of her! But really, Nina is jealous, so she follows the guys to the bathroom and peeks through a hole in the shower curtain as she plays with her pussy. As Dante rims Markus, she starts sucking the top's cock through the hole, then backs her pussy onto his cock! Markus catches Nina rimming his man as Dante fucks him doggystyle, and tells her to join in for a wet shower threesome! Nina gobbles both cocks, then the guys take turns pounding her pussy as she sucks them, till Nina takes a creampie from Dante and he sucks out his load, then eats Markus's cum off her tits.

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