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Reese Rideout is excited to meet his new girlfriend's son, Trevor Brooks, and Trevor's girlfriend, Jewel Diamant, especially when he sees what a hot couple they make! As they give him a three-way hug, Reese reaches to squeeze both their asses! At dinner, he takes out his cock, making them do a spit-take, and soon they're both sucking it under the table. Trevor gets so turned on, he sneakily fucks Jewel in the kitchen, and Reese sneaks up behind him to tongue his hole, then fucks him too. After Reese's GF catches them and runs out, the guys lick Jewel together, then Trevor and Jewel both ride Reese on the couch before Trevor gets fucked while Jewel rides him. Then it's Reese's turn to fuck Jewel while Trevor penetrates him from behind until he pulls out and cums, before Jewel and Reese share Trevor's load.

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