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Cum Back For More: A fuck so nice, they're doing it twice. Beckett and Larkin couldn't wait to get their tools, mouths and booties in gear again, and who are we to stand in the way of true lust? Beckett's been around the block a few times since their initial on camera hookup, and maybe he's learned a few new tricks? And Larkin's still the ever-ready assrammer we've cum to know and luv. Clad in almost identical white t's and dark shorts, they are definitely on the same wavelength. These two don't need a long introduction, but Beckett does let us know how happy he is he can take raw dick instead of dealing with the inconvenient mood-killer of sex with condoms. Larkin's happy to ruck him raw and natural. They brought in their favorite undies to share with the viewers and banter a bit, but clearly they are more ready to get the fucking started.

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