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Commando: He rolled me over onto my stomach and got me on my knees. When I felt his stubbly beard scrape between my cheeks and his tongue thrusting at its target, my body melted. My hole opened up with the hunger to let him have what he wanted. He made me ask for it. I had to tell him to put his cock in me and fuck me. At that point, I would have done anything to get him inside me. When he slowly pushed in, I wanted to scream, "Fuck me, Daddy!" but I couldn't breathe. I just trembled and moaned, and tried not to shoot my load onto the blanket. He started fucking me hard and I was loving every stroke. It was different being in bed where he could take control and use my ass however he wanted. All I could do was lie there with the weight of his furry, sweaty body on top while his cock plowed into my ass.

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