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Angel Santana just picked up his new baby. Unfortunately, his bright blue car had some hidden issues, and the lights on the dash were lit brighter than a solar eclipse. Luckily, a friend of a friend put him in touch with Mateo Zagal, a pillar of the car scene and an absolute stud with the magic touch. Angel knows that dealerships can be expensive, but Mateo knows his way around these cars and offers a quick scan to see what’s up. While Mateo bends over to insert the scanner to run a few diagnostic tests, Angel can’t help but drool over the hunky stud’s mechanic’s crack. It must be Angel’s lucky day! After completing the scan, Mateo shares the good news. The car’s really not in that bad shape, and it looks like he has saved a lot of money by bringing it over first… but it’ll still cost him hundreds of dollars!

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