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A Day with Dex: Mr. Steele launched himself from the lifeguard's chair and immediately dove into the water. A former Marine, he was still as active and spry. Soon, Mr. Steele had reached the youngster he saw flailing, grabbed the boy by the scruff, and pulled him away from the mighty current just in time. A strapping man, still very capable of strenuous physical activity as he'd been as a younger man in the service. He assured the boy, Dex, that watching out for the public was his job. No need to repay a man's duty. Dex flung his arms around Mr. Steele and gave him a big hug. The former marine chuckled and briefly hugged the boy back. Then he noticed that Dex was more than just grateful he was very much aroused. Finally, Dex grabbed Mr. Steele's hand and confessed that he sorely wanted to take the older man home with him.

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