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Hot twink Jean Gilliam loves treating his soccer captain like the slut he loves to be. So he was not surprised to find Gregor Gilead face down in his jock with a new dildo nearby. Jean called his captain and was told to stop by his house. There he found Gregor waiting for him on the couch in nothing but his red ass less jock. On the table was a brand-new toy that Gregor bought on his last trip away. Now, he needed a sexy guy to stuff it in his hole, open him up, and then replace it with the real thing. Jean was more than interested in being that guy. As he joined Gregor in the room, the smell of dirty sex filled the air. Jean jumped in and teased Gregor's hole before fucking him with the long dildo. That was just the warm-up as Gregor's ass opened wide for a beautiful throbbing cock. These boys know how to have a good time

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