Kouya Escorts Haruyuki

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Kouya Escorts Haruyuki Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

Here's a creative bit of playtime. Handsome Kouya is play-acting that he's a sexy gigolo, an escort to even more beautiful Asian twink Haruyuki. This mainly boils down to Kouya being eXXXtra romantic and passionate for his striking and responsive partner. Haruyuki opens up like a rare blossom when Kouya turns on the charm, and their lovemaking is something to behold. Kissing and love nibbles turn to mutual sucking and rubbing, then to a HOT session of bareback screwing that has new guy Haru taking every bit of rock-hard cock that Kouya can dish out. Temperatures boil over till Kouya can't hold back a second more, and he drenches Haruyuki in a creamy wad of musky male lovejuice. Lying back with hand stroking, Haruyuki returns the "escort's" favor with a molten load of his own.

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