Fuji Mounts Akira

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Fuji Mounts Akira Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

Like the majestic peak, fabulous veteran Fuji is a local landmark around the stable here at Japanboyz. Now that handsome Akira is exploring his bottoming side, it was inevitable that he and Fuji would make a hot matchup. Akira lays back and lets experienced Fuji do most of the work, from sucking his dick to plowing his tight fresh booty. He spread his legs open wide and Fuji takes the occasion to ram in to the hilt. Keeping his impressive hardon stiff, Akira closes his eyes and assumes a blissful expression as Fuji mounts his hole and buries his cock deep. Rivulets of lube and pre-cum stream down between Akira's legs and drench his nuts. He lies back and wraps his ankles around Fuji as the stud plows in with no inhibitions. Dropping his jaw, mouth open, Akira starts stroking, ready to shoot any moment.

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