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Big-dicked Smitty is a country-boy Marine in uniform with a huge dick. I was palling around with my buddy Joe down in Southern CA, by the Marine base there, when we ran across Smitty who was trying to get back onto base. Smitty was a new arrival, on base for school after boot camp. He's a beefy guy, a big ol' Cajun from the bayous down south. He had a fun personality and we convinced him to hang out with us for a bit, and make make a little money, which the new guys always really need. We had to get a motel to shoot in, as we weren't even planning on staying in town for more than a few hours before we met Smitty. As soon as we started we discovered that Smitty had no shame. A straight football player high school, he had discovered early on that he didn't care who got him off so long as he got off.

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