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This is Dean's first time being tied up and tickled, and you can see in his eyes that he's excited and a little apprehensive about it. Franco tickles his hot little gymnast body on his torso and inner thighs, first with his fingers, then with long wispy feathers. Dean grins widely and laughs deeply from the tickle pleasures Franco's giving him. Franco blows raspberries on Dean's ribs and abs, which they both find extra fun. After digging into Dean's deep bellybutton with a wet finger, Franco tickles him on his pelvis, inner thigh and taint at the same time. Dean's startled by the sensation and gets quite a look on his face! Franco pulls down Dean's underwear and tickles his sensitive inner thigh with his beard before moving to Dean's size 9 feet. Franco pops off Dean's running shoes and tickles him into ecstasy on his bare feet with a soap saver and grooming brush.

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