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Franco starts Amir face down on the tickling table to increase the element of surprise. Amir's high pitched cackles turn into howling laughter when Franco moves from his hairy armpits down to his size 10 1/2 feet. Amir's cute, furry butt bounces all around and he pours sweat, unable to see or speak. Franco flips Amir onto his back for the second half of his tickling. With a brush on each bare foot, Amir laughs hysterically, barely able to catch his breath. Franco tickles him on his feet, thighs, armpits and ribs, making him dance like a puppet on a string. Just when it seems Amir can't take any more, Franco goes to the next level, climbing on top of him and tickling the hell out of his armpits, then flipping around so their sweaty, hairy bodies rub together while Franco tickles him crazy on his feet.

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