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Work Hard, Play Hard: Mr. Marko and fun-sized Milo have been up to all kinds of hi-jinks on their job site. Those two just can't keep their hands off of each other. The project is complete, but there's enough time for one last fuck in the client's bedroom. Mr. Marco spreads a blanket out on the bed and goes to get Milo, who is just finishing getting showered from their last encounter. Mr. Marko wraps his fuck toy in a towel, picks him up and carries him off to bed. Once they reach the bedroom it takes no time at all for Mr. Marko's coveralls to hit the floor, and for Milo to pounce on that big man's fat cock. He swallows the thick log down to the root and lets Mr. Marko throat-fuck him. The boss lays back on the bed.

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