Poly Predicament

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It's a quiet night in, and well, the movie may be a dud but that won't deter polyamorous bros Benjamin Blue and Nate Rose from rubbing down their girlfriend to get her in the mood. When she suddenly heads to bed, Nate is left with an inconvenient bulge. Well, why not try and see if he can get his girl's open-minded bf in the mood? Starting with a foot massage, and moving up to his tender calf and groin, his hands make their way up to the hard cock in his pants. While Benjamin admits he's experimented in the past, it's been a while since he played with a cock and, there's no sense in letting a hard cock go to waste. Benjamin sucks Nate's cock good, deep-throating the shaft before jumping on his hard cock, getting glanded, and spraying his cum all over his tight abs.

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