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A sleazy basement sex club pulses with Euro beats. Jonathan Darko is on the prowl, stalking the darkened corridors in search of his next prey. He finds Pete Bull reclining on a bench, legs spread seductively, ready for whatever comes his way. The two men lock eyes. They want it, and they're gonna get it. They're making out within seconds. Cocks bulging in their shiny sports gear. Pete pulls Jonathan's dick out from his tight-fitting jock strap and starts to suck, before dropping to the floor and worshiping Darko's sweat-drenched sneakers. Dominant Darko is heavily tattooed and stands above Pete like a god, spraying the sub with streams of saliva, before removing his sneaker and pushing it against Pete's nose like a gas mask. Pete breathes in the heady, rubbery aroma.

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