Yusaku's Sweet Sex Date

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Yusaku's Sweet Sex Date Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

Wild boy Yusaku is probably the most edgy and intimidating model in the Japanboyz stable, but tonight Kaoru is lucky to catch the hot pierced and tatted stud in a subdued, almost romantic mood. There's no sticking out his split tongue or brandishing his heavy gauge cock piercing ring. They kiss, gently tweak each other's nips, slide down to lick and suck each other, then move on to the really hot stuff. But still with a passionate but intimate attitude. But Yusaku still has his edge, drawn like a moth to a flame when he sees the shiny nipple rings on Kaoru's lean-muscled chest. Once Kaoru's mouth is latched around Yusaku's big cock, he gobbles it down, piercing jewelry and all. His tongue traces a path from Yusaku's well-packed nuts to the Prince Albert-ringed tip of his dick.

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